Reminds you of breaks and relaxation at work on PC

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Nowadays, we mainly use computers at work. And office tasks keep us busy all day on the computer. It is essential to rest between the constant viewing hours of bright monitors and laptops. You often forget to take breaks and rest your eyes between the two? This wonderful tool called ‘Strechly‘ can help you take breaks. The tool is designed to remind you to take a break from your computer while you are busy with your work.

Strechly for PC review

Strechly is completely open source and free to download. Because it is electron-based, you can run it on any operating system, including Windows, MacOS and Linux. In this report, we talk mainly about the Windows counterpart.

Strechly is a fairly simple and transparent tool. After installation, you can configure the time you want to spend on your computer before a break.

Breaks during computer work

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Strechly introduces a concept of microfractures and fractures. Micropauses typically last 5 to 30 seconds and are more frequent (e.g., every 10 minutes). Micropauses are designed to relax and clean your eyes. It can even relax your body if you don’t sit in a good posture. Each microphone pause brings a beautiful message to your screen that warns you of a relaxing activity.

Pauses are slightly longer periods of 5 to 15 minutes, whose frequency can be adjusted according to the micropauses. For example, you can set a 5 minute break after 2 micro pauses, i.e. after 3 work units, you can take a 5 minute break.

Here too, breaks show a beautiful message and give you ideas on how you can get through this break. Below the message is the remaining pause time and an option to skip the pause. You can even skip the remaining break and continue your work.

Other options

Although I do not recommend skipping breaks as they are an essential part of your job, Strechly has the ability to skip future breaks if the task you are doing is of very great importance. Simply right-click on the taskbar icon, click’Pause’ and select the duration for which you want to skip all pauses.

If you feel tired and need a break, you can jump directly to the next break or to the next break. The option is available in the taskbar and can easily be skipped to the next pause. There is another way to reset the counter, which also resets all pauses. This option can help if you leave your PC unattended for a while and reboot.

Under Settings, you can control the length and frequency of pauses/micro pauses. I think the default settings are pretty good and have worked very well for me. There is another setting if you want to skip the pauses a little harder. You can activate the’Don’t let me jump’ function in order to strictly respect your break regime.

Another interesting feature that could be included in future versions of Strechly is the’Your Strechly’ dashboard. From now on, the dashboard is in’coming soon’ state, and we expect a nice dashboard that contains all the details of your breaks and useful statistics about them.

Strechly is a rather interesting and useful tool. It constantly reminds you to take an effective break between the two. You can use these breaks to stretch your body, relax your eyes, drink water or simply meditate. Now you can relax and focus on this wonderful tool. Strechly is multiplatform, open source and completely free to download. Make sure you download the correct variant of GitHub.

Click here to download Strechly.

DDV Breaker and Work Rave are other similar tools that may be of interest to you.

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