Surfing on private Internet with Browzar

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Privacy is the taste of the season ! Everyone appreciates privacy on the Internet, but no matter how hard you try to erase your browsing history and other online histories, temporary Internet files, cookies, index.dat files, index.dat files, flash cookies, etc., you may not be able to use the Internet without your consent. Although this does not affect most computer users, if you really care about your privacy and want to surf the Internet privately, you can try Freeware Browzar.

Browzar is a shell browser for Internet Explorer that allows you to surf anonymously without leaving a trace. Using Internet Explorer 9 increases security. It also offers a private search, but you can define any alternative search engine of your choice. It does not support ActiveX downloads and auto-completion.

I found key very convenient and useful. You do not need to enter the URL, or press Cntrl+Enter. Simply enter the URL in the address bar and click button to add www before and after the domain name.

Browzar is available in installer and portable versions, so you can carry it on your USB key. So, the next time you use a public computer, for example in an Internet cafĂ©, in your school or university library, you can simply plug in the USB key and surf with Browzar. And if you need to close Browzar quickly or if you don’t want the cleaning box to appear at the exit, simply press the Boss or Ctrl+Space key and Browzar will close immediately.

At Browzar output deletes:

  • Tempered Internet files
  • Cookies
  • Browsing history as list of visited pages
  • Index of.dat files
  • Media files
  • Temporary application data as Flash and Java files.

There is also an option to Securely delete your entire web history. The’Secure Delete’ function can be activated by selecting the function from the’Tools’ menu.

Browzar comes in three flavours or themes :

  1. Browzar Black Theme
  2. Browzar Silver Theme
  3. Browzar Windows Theme.

This is a very easy application – just a 222 KB download, and you can download it for free from the home page .

See also Epic Privacy Browser. You can also check out this link, which talks about over 25 alternative web browsers for your Windows computer, each with a different set of features, or this link on portable browsers.

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