How to Resolve ‘An Error Occurred while Reconnecting to Microsoft Windows Network’ on Windows PC

Many users use the disk mapping feature to connect hard disk drivers hosted remotely. As a result, they have to deal with network connection reset errors in Windows 10. When trying to map a network drive, in particular, to assign a network connection name, an error message appears on the screen as shown below:

An error occurred when reconnecting <diskletter> to <file path> with the Microsoft Windows network: The local device name is already in use. The connection has not been re-established. read more

How to Troubleshoot “Wireless Capability is Turned Off” Problem on Windows PC

Many Windows users complain on the forums that their wireless network suddenly stops working. After troubleshooting the network, the “Wireless capability is turned off” error is found. If you also encounter this error, don’t worry. You can solve the problem by following these instructions.

What causes the “Wireless capability is turned off” problem on Windows PC?

Several reasons can cause this error message. The most common reason has to do with power management settings and the ability to turn off the AC adapter to conserve battery power. It is also common for users to inadvertently disable the wireless capability with a key combination on most laptops. read more

How to Resolve ‘NET ERR_CERT_REVOKED’ Issue on Google Chrome

NET ERR_CERT_REVOKED is a Google Chrome error that occurs when some users try to access a specific site. In some cases, the problem is more universal and users are unable to access more than one site, which makes the problem even more frustrating.

First, the error code itself indicates that the error occurred when attempting to access the site because the SSL certificate for the site has been revoked. This usually happens when the certificate issuer revokes and deletes the certificate provided to the site. In this case, there is nothing visitors can do to fix the NET ERR_CERT_REVOKED error in Google Chrome. read more

How to Troubleshoot Hulu Error Code 5005 – Playback Failure Issue

Hulu has several error codes for errors that can occur when using the streaming service. Hulu Playback Failure error code 5005 is one of these error codes.

This error occurs when some users try to play Hulu videos. It is a similar playback error that prompts you to check your Internet connection.

What causes Hulu playback error code 5005?

Hulu playback error code 5005 is a playback error that many users have been encountering lately. It means that there is a problem when you try to play video content in the Hulu app. It could be a problem with your streaming device or Internet connection. In some cases, there is also a problem with the Hulu app. read more

How to Repair INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE Error Message

If your Internet connection is not working properly, you have probably already encountered the INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE error. This error occurs when the site you are trying to access is no longer accessible and only displays a blank page with an error code at the top.

This problem can also occur if you are using IE or Edge as your browser on Windows 10 since Microsoft has apparently not yet fixed this error. In any case, there are two things you can do to solve this problem: try refreshing the page or click on “View Source” and figure out which file to download again. read more

How to Troubleshoot Steam Error Code 41 on Windows 10 PC

Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms available on the market today. Despite its versatility, Steam also suffers from occasional technical failures. This Steam error code is one of these current problems that many users face.

What causes the Steam 41 error code?

  • Missing game files
  • Old graphics drivers
  • Steam beta activation or using Windows game mode on Windows 10.
  • Your antivirus program is preventing you from checking for game updates on Steam.
  • read more

    How to Troubleshoot ‘Steam Auth Timeout’ Issue on Rust

    Did you get a ‘Steam Auth Timeout’ error after you got kicked out of the game on the Rust server? How can you fix this error? Don’t worry, you’ll find some useful methods in this post.

    If you are a Rust user, you may get a “Steam Auth Timeout” error message after you get kicked out of the game. This problem only occurs on computers on which you run the game via Steam.

    What causes the “Steam Auth Timeout” problem in Rust?

    In some cases, the cause of the “Steam Auth Timeout” error when starting Rust can be a bad Internet connection, a blocking firewall, corrupted game files, a damaged anti-cheat engine, or even problems with the Steam download cache, etc. read more

    Troubleshooting: Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource – primary DNS server

    There is nothing worse than a Windows error that prevents you from accessing the Internet. The “Windows cannot communicate with a device or resource” error message is not uncommon and can quickly disrupt your plans.

    If you get this message, there’s no need to panic. We’ll explain exactly what this error means and how you can fix it.

    What causes Windows to fail to connect to a device or resource (the primary DNS server)?

    The main causes of this network error are problems with DNS, corrupt, outdated, or incompatible network adapter drivers, corrupt DNS cache, improperly configured Hosts file, etc. read more

    How to Repair: VPN Error 691 in Windows PC

    A virtual private network (VPN) is an encrypted tunnel that protects your privacy online. It’s software that hides your online activities from prying eyes, such as the government or your company’s administrator. In other words: when you connect to the Internet with a VPN, your connection is secure and private, and no one can access your Internet data. VPN software is especially useful if you want to send sensitive information over a public WLAN or keep your browsing history private. read more