How to Repair Start Menu Not Working on Windows 11 OS

A common problem is that the Start menu in Windows 11 doesn’t work. There are many reasons, and they range from simple problems, such as a locked system process, to more complex problems, such as corrupted system files. We’ll look at all the possible causes and solutions in order, from the most promising and simple to the most profound. One is to help fix the Start menu in Windows 11.

Before proceeding with the following tips, save your work, as you will have to reboot Windows.

What causes the Start menu to not work?

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How to Repair Cortana Using Memory in Windows PC

Cortana is your assistant in Windows 10, offering many useful features that you can use with voice commands or typing in the search bar. However, not everyone is a fan of Cortana, and many users choose to disable it for a variety of reasons.

Disabled or not, Cortana shouldn’t consume an excessive amount of RAM, whether it’s running or not. However, some users have reported significant memory usage of Cortana. Users who have enabled Cortana have reported higher rates, while others have wondered how Cortana can use resources when it is disabled. read more

How to Resolve Agent Activation Runtime_15831 High CPU & Memory Consumption on Windows PC

High memory usage is a condition in which the use of RAM, ROM, or cache on Windows computers reaches extremely high levels. The high memory usage error in Windows 10 is related to RAM and virtual memory.

If a high memory error occurs on a PC, it hangs while running a program and displays an error message indicating that the computer is running out of memory.

This troubleshooting article will talk about Agent Activation Runtime_15831 high CPU and memory consumption on your Windows PC.

Why is Agent Activation Runtime_15831 consuming a lot of CPU and memory?

  • This problem may occur if the Agent Activation Runtime service is in an error state or is not running.
  • The Agent Activation Runtime problem can occur when Cortana is constantly called by the Agent Activation Service.
  • Agent Activation Runtime can cause high CPU utilization when your system’s audio service is in an error state because Cortana (runtime calls Cortana) depends on the audio service.
  • High CPU usage by the Agent Activation Runt can be caused by a corrupted audio driver on your system because it is required for Cortana (the process that the Runt constantly calls).

How to solve Agent Activation Runtime_15831 High CPU and memory usage?

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Bug fix: Problem with Win32Bridge server – Incorrect function

Some users have reported that when working with Windows 10, a message box keeps popping up on the screen with the following described line:

C:Program FilesWindowsAppsMicrosoft549981C3F5F10_2.20 ……Win32Bridge.Server.exe. Incorrect function.

This error message can be quite frustrating as it keeps appearing. Besides, it can affect your work. In most cases, the affected computers work properly, but the error message keeps appearing. There is no obvious reason why this problem occurs, but we have a solution for it, and it works! read more