How to Troubleshoot “Couldn’t Load Plugin” Error Message in Windows 10

A browser plugin is usually a useful feature designed to improve the user experience. These components are often called add-ons or extensions, and many users prefer to have a large number of them installed in their browsers. Unfortunately, many Google Chrome users have found that they get a “Cannot load plugin” error message when using the browser.

Make sure to read through the reasons due to which the error occurs in the first place and follow the solutions one by one until one of them fixes the error. read more

How to Repair ‘Couldn’t load XPCOM’ on Mozilla Firefox

The “Mozilla Firefox cannot load XPCOM” error is one of the most common and frequent problems that many Windows users face. When this error occurs, Mozilla Firefox cannot be opened and the following error message appears on the screen.

Mozilla Firefox XPCOM can’t load problem can occur in a Windows-based system when users try to access the Mozilla Firefox web browser after a Windows OS update. Also, this annoying error can occur due to the corruption of the Mozilla Firefox profile folder. read more