How to Get Rid of Windows Error 0x80071129

Error 0x80071129 is caused by the corruption of a system file. This happens when there are problems with the operating system, such as a virus infection or malware. You might see this error code when trying to open a corrupted file, or even when trying to run a program that requires a certain file. When this error appears, it usually indicates that something is wrong with one of your files. If you receive this error while running Microsoft Office programs, you could be missing some important information. read more

How to Troubleshoot ‘The Action Cant be Completed Because the File is Open’ Issue

Windows 10 was launched some time ago and has brought many features that have improved the user experience on your device. It may not be perfect, but the development team is certainly committed to improving the user experience of this operating system. Whether you have a new or old Windows PC, sooner or later you will encounter some sort of error. One of the most common error messages is: “The action cannot be completed because the file is open in another program.”

This may not seem like a particularly serious error, but it can quickly become annoying because you can’t make any changes on your Windows computer. This error usually occurs when you try to rename, move, or delete a particular file in File Explorer. This error message can be very annoying because users have no information about the location or process under which the file in question may be open. read more

How to Troubleshoot Error 0x8007112a on Windows Computers

Deleting or moving folders is a fairly common operation for a computer user. However, this operation can be interrupted by a certain error. Today, we are going to talk about error 0x8007112A, which does not allow you to delete or move folders on Windows PC.

What causes error 0x8007112a on Windows PC?

  • Folder authorization problem: Administrative issues, such as permissions or denial of access to a folder, can prevent you from moving or deleting files.
  • Faulty update: Updates play a role in the functioning of your program, software, or device. Sometimes the problem is caused by a faulty update that affects functionality and prevents you from moving or deleting needed files.
  • Corrupted system files: The appearance of a corrupted file in the system is also one of the reasons why you cannot delete or move files.
  • read more

    Troubleshooting: Chromium Won’t Uninstall on Windows 10

    Google’s Chromium underpins many modern web browsers, from Chrome itself to Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave. But Chromium can also be used as a standalone browser as well as others. However, because it does not always behave like a regular browser, some users have encountered problems and found that Chromium cannot be uninstalled like regular browsers.

    If this applies to you, don’t worry. Although malware and other issues may prevent you from uninstalling Chromium on Windows 10, it is not impossible to remove it. With a few tips, tricks, and tools, you can remove Chromium permanently. read more

    How to Resolve: You need permission to perform this action

    Windows requires permissions for actions you perform on your computer. But it’s your computer, isn’t it? So, why do you need permission to access certain files and folders? There are several related answers.

    Windows want to protect you from accessing certain files because changing them can damage the operating system. Therefore, if your Windows user account does not have the right permissions, you will not be able to access certain files or folders.

    In this case, you will get an error message “You must have permission to perform this action“. This is frustrating, of course. But here are some very effective solutions to fix this error. read more

    How to Solve Error 0x8007016a “Cloud File Provider is not Working” on Windows 10

    OneDrive error 0x8007016A, Cloud file provider is not working is one of the cases Unexpected error message cannot copy file when trying to delete or move/copy folders or files located in OneDrive folder. In this post, we will identify the possible causes and suggest the best solutions for this problem.

    What causes the error 0x8007016a?

    Error 0x8007016A is usually caused by an existing Microsoft Office package on your computer. When the problem occurs, users may not be able to use certain features and functions of Microsoft Office, such as cut, copy and paste. read more

    How to Solve Cannot Add or Create New Cells in Excel

    Microsoft Excel is popular among office workers because of its simple and advanced features. They can use it for many tasks, such as creating a budget report, an expense report, and compiling large amounts of data in an orderly manner.

    However, users complain that they cannot insert new cells in Microsoft Excel. If you also encounter this problem in your Excel, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss different solutions to the “Excel can’t add new cells” problem. read more

    How to Resolve Error 0x8004242d – Failed to Format Selected Partition

    Error 0x8004242d is usually accompanied by the following error message: “Failed to format selected partition. Error: 0x8004242d” in a pop-up window during Windows installation. As a result, users are unable to format the disk partition and install the platform.

    In this article, we will tell you how to solve partition formatting problems with DiskPart.

    What causes the error message “Selected partition could not be formatted” (error 0x8004242d)?

    • The computer’s data cable is loose.
    • The installation drive has a corrupted file system error.
    • The drive controller or driver is out of date.
    • Your Windows system is incompatible with the mass storage controller or mass storage driver.
    • The hard disk drive on which you want to install Windows is a dynamic hard disk drive.

    How to troubleshoot the error 0x8004242d – Failed to format selected partition?

    Clean up the disk using Diskpart

    Cleaning the disk with Diskpart can fix error 0x8004242d (but it removes data from the disk).

    1. To do this, open a command prompt by typing cmd in “Run” and press Ctrl + Alt + Enter.
    2. You can also open Command Prompt from the Windows installation window by clicking on Repair Computer -> Troubleshooting -> Command Prompt.
    3. Type diskpart at the command prompt and press Enter.
    4. Type list disk at the command prompt and press Return to display the list of disks.
    5. Type select disk x (replace x with the real disk number) at the command prompt and hit Enter.
    6. Make sure you select the correct disk, as clearing the disk will erase its data.
    7. Type clean all at the command prompt and press Enter.

    Formatting a partition during Windows Setup

    1. Start the installation media. Specify your settings and click Install Now.
    2. Click I accept the license terms after reading the Microsoft software license terms.
    3. Then click Next.
    4. Click Custom (Advanced).
    5. Select Disk 0 Partition 1 and Delete.
    6. Then click OK when prompted.
    7. Repeat step 5 to delete partition 2 from disk 0.
    8. Then click New to create a new partition.
    9. Specify the disk size, and then click Apply.
    10. Click OK when prompted.
    11. Select Disk 0 Partition 2, and then click Format.
    12. Click OK when prompted.
    13. The formatting should be successful.
    14. You can click Next to reinstall Windows.

    Both of the above methods may seem a bit complicated. Be very careful when using them, as all the actions are instantaneous and you will not be able to go back. read more

    Repair: Google Chrome Not Showing Most Visited Thumbnails

    A surprising feature of Google Chrome is that it displays the most visited thumbnails on the browser’s home page. Every time you launch Google Chrome, you simply click on these thumbnails to access your favorite websites. However, some users were disappointed when Google Chrome suddenly stopped displaying these thumbnails. If you are facing the same problem, don’t worry, we will take care of you.

    Why doesn’t Google Chrome display the most visited thumbnails?

    Given the increased focus on speed, not displaying the most visited thumbnails in Google Chrome can quickly become annoying. In fact, it can happen for many reasons. read more