How to Troubleshoot Netflix Error Code H403 and H404

If you are trying to open or stream content in the Netflix Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app on Windows 10 and you get a message with error code H403 or H404, this article should help you.

In this article, we will identify some possible known causes that can cause this error and then suggest possible solutions that you can try to fix this problem.

What causes Netflix error codes H403 and H404?

There are several ways to fix Netflix error codes H403 and H404. The H403 error code is caused by problems with some temporary information on your computer. If your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application is out of date, you will probably see Netflix error code H404. read more

How to Troubleshoot Error Code M7034 on Netflix

Netflix may be one of the most popular online streaming services, but it is not free of errors. Users regularly report problems and bugs, one of which is the Netflix M7034 error. If you encounter this error while watching shows on Netflix, you can find a solution in this guide.

What causes Netflix error code M7034?

  • Bad cache data
  • IP/TCP mismatch
  • Obtrusive browser extension

How to resolve the Netflix M7034 error code?