How to Troubleshoot Snip and Sketch Not Working Issue on Windows 10

Snip & Sketch is a useful Windows application that allows users to quickly take and edit screenshots. Since the app was developed by Microsoft, it integrates well with Windows and is preferred by many users. But, as with most apps, sometimes apps like Snip & Sketch suddenly stop working on Windows 10.

Why does Snip & Sketch app doesn’t work in Windows 10?

  • Damaged system files.
  • Expired Microsoft digital certificates.
  • Automatic application updates are enabled.
  • Upgrading to Windows 11 with Windows 10.

How do I fix the fact that snip and sketch do not work on Windows 10?

Launch the Windows Store app troubleshooter read more

How to Resolve ‘Microsoft Store Not Working’ Issue in Windows 11 OS

The Microsoft Store app in Windows 11 provides a convenient and secure environment for downloading and installing apps, games, and movies. Even though the app is updated frequently to improve usability, you may still encounter problems opening the app, freezing, installing updates or downloading apps, error messages, etc.

In this guide, you will learn how to solve the Microsoft Store crash in Windows 11.

What is the cause of Microsoft Store not working in Windows 11?

  • The new version of the Store is not installed: Remember that Microsoft has chosen to redesign the Store in Windows 11. You may not be able to open the Microsoft Store interface because the new version is not included in your Windows 11 installation.
  • Microsoft Store Update Error: It turns out that there is a strange problem when you upgrade to Windows 11 from an earlier version of Windows and click on the Store icon, but nothing happens.
  • Damage to the underlying system file: In more serious circumstances, this problem may be due to a corrupted system file.

How do I fix the fact that Microsoft Store is not working on Windows 11?


How to Repair: Cannot Create New Folder in Windows 10 PC

Folders are an important part of the organization process on your computer. They allow you to group similar files and keep them in one place. This feature provides easy navigation for users who want to find and use one file among many others. However, you can lose this advantage if you cannot create new folders in Windows 10.

To create a new folder, you need to follow a simple procedure. Simply right-click on an empty area, select New and select the New Folder option from the context menu. However, if you are unable to create a folder in the standard way, there may be several reasons for this problem. read more