How to Resolve ‘A Startdocprinter Call Was Not Issued’ Problem on Windows 10

The error ‘A Startdocprinter Call Was Not Issued’ is caused by a hexadecimal error format. This is a common error code format used by Windows and other Windows-compatible software and driver manufacturers.

This code is used by the manufacturer to identify the error that occurred. This error code “A Startdocprinter Call Was Not Issued” has a numeric error number and a technical description. In some cases, the error may contain additional parameters in the format “A Startdocprinter Call Was Not Issued”. These additional hexadecimal codes are the addresses of the memory locations where the instruction(s) was loaded at the time of the error. read more

Troubleshooting: Notepad is Not Opening on Windows PC

Notepad is a small application that is still used by many users to write code, edit and store raw text data. Recently, many users have encountered an unusual error when working with Notepad: they can click on any .txt file and it displays a download icon and then stops.

They know that Windows 10 makes changes to its operating system and updates its tools and features day after day. So sometimes the update can conflict with existing software. So to solve this problem, we have come up with different types of solutions to solve your problem with one of them. read more

Fixed: The Sticky Notes icon in the taskbar is not combined

We still use Sticky Notes as a powerful reminder tool to plan our day and copy text from another app. By default, when we open multiple notes in Windows 10, they are automatically grouped in the same tab. However, after installing the latest 1903 updates, they are all separated in the taskbar. I set the taskbar to automatically hide them, but that doesn’t work either. What can we do to fix this problem?

It’s frustrating having to open each note to see them all. For example, if we have about 8 sticky notes, we have to type one at a time to see them all. This is redundant and takes up a lot more space on the taskbar. Maybe this is a new feature that allows users to move individual notes to different desktops. But the basic function is broken. You can try the solutions below to group Sticky Notes together. read more