How to Solve “Amazon Error Code 5004” Problem

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best entertainment services in the world. From the latest TV shows and movies to movies on demand, there’s no shortage of content for entertainment. However, like most other streaming entertainment services, Amazon Prime occasionally has technical bugs. One of the most common such errors is Amazon Prime Video error code 5004.

Error code 5004 is an authentication error that occurs when you try to connect to Amazon Prime servers through your streaming device. This means that you cannot access your favorite content. read more

How to Resolve Amazon Prime Error 7017 – “Video is Taking Longer than Expected”

Amazon users are reporting problems with Prime Video, including the error message “This video is taking longer than expected to download.” When this problem occurs, it means you can’t stream media, which negatively affects your service.

This error code means that something went wrong when you tried to start the video streaming process. It is important to note that this is not a client-side error, which means that the problem is either with your device or with Amazon’s service. read more