How to Troubleshoot Event ID 7009 – A Timeout was Reached (30000 milliseconds) on Windows 10

If you see the error message “Event ID 7009” in the Windows Event Viewer when starting up your Windows 10 computer, you are in the right place to find a solution. Here will give you simple methods/steps to solve the problem. Let’s start the discussion.

This is a common Windows error that usually occurs after Windows startup is complete. This error appears in the Windows 10 Event Viewer application and reads “time-out (30000 milliseconds) has been reached while waiting for Lights-Out connection” or “time-out (30000 milliseconds) has been reached while waiting for ServiceName connection”. read more

How to Resolve Missing or Not Working Live Events in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an important collaboration platform that organizations use to share information between their employees. With the Live Active Events feature, employees can easily get the latest tasks and assignments on a single dashboard.

However, many users report that the Microsoft Teams Live Events feature has problems and stops working. So if you too have encountered this problem, you are not alone. Countless users are reporting the same problem. This problem can be caused by faulty internet or outdated software. read more

Solution: Can’t change the color of the taskbar in Windows 10

Can’t change the color of the taskbar in Windows 10

Given how important computers have become to us, we often feel the need to customize them to our liking, whether by using our favorite programs or by changing the screen to the colors of our choice. Fortunately for Windows users, Microsoft offers many ways to do this. Today, I’m going to talk about how to change the color of the taskbar on your Windows 10 computer and the reasons why you can’t do it.

The procedure is very simple and doesn’t require you to install any third-party applications. All you need to do is to follow these steps. read more