How to Troubleshoot Steam Voice Chat Not Working on Windows PC

Millions of users with different PC configurations use Steam, and sometimes features just don’t work like they should. This troubleshooting guide will help you solve the problem of Steam voice chat not working step by step.

In this guide, you can check if your microphone is enabled in Steam chat overlay, and if not, we’ll show you how to enable it in your Windows 10 settings.

Why is Steam voice chat not working?

If Steam voice chat isn’t working, it could be due to hardware issues or internal problems with the microphone array. read more

How to fix the error message “There was an error sending your trade offer Please try again later” on Steam

There was an error sending your trade offer Please try again later

Users recently reported a bug, saying: “An error occurred while submitting your trade-in offer. Please try again later.” and does not allow a player to send a trade-in offer to another player. After thoroughly reviewing the various user feedbacks and the solutions they have chosen to work on this problem, we have presented several effective solutions for you to fix this error on your computer.

Steam is a digital video game distribution service created by Valve. It was launched in September 2003 as standalone client software, allowing Valve to provide automatic updates for its games, and has been extended to third-party games. Steam has also evolved into an online store on the web and mobile. read more