Tips on how to become a Microsoft MVP or MCC

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Do you want to become a Microsoft MVP? The Microsoft MVP Award Program recognizes outstanding members of the technical communities who have contributed Microsoft software, services and products to the offline and online technology communities over the past 12 months. In its first year of existence, Microsoft recognized 37 leaders in the technical community as MVPs. There are currently about 4,000 MVPs worldwide in nearly 90 Microsoft technologies in 90 countries, speaking nearly 40 languages and answering more than 10 million questions per year.

How to become Microsoft MVP

In (11 February 2013 the Microsoft MVP Award was completed 20 years. The MVP program may have started with the software development community, but today it covers the full range of Microsoft software, products and services. Early MVPs were active in online peer support communities such as Usenet and CompuServe. But today, in addition to participating in forums, other means of posting such as blogs are also being considered.

Since I won the Microsoft’Most Valuable Professional’ award some time ago, I have often been asked how to become a MICROSOFT MVP. Of course, most people who want to become one want to know the answer. My short answer is usually: You can’t really’work’ to become a Microsoft MVP. If your community contributions are good, you will simply be recognized as such! Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to give an overview of the topic, which I have drawn from some Microsoft resources on the Internet – how to become a Microsoft MVP or MCC.

What is a Microsoft MVP

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The MCC Award is a Microsoft award that recognizes outstanding contributions to Microsoft’s online community forums such as TechNet, MSDN and Answers. The MVP Award recognizes these contributions, but looks beyond these instruments to industry leadership. They consider quality, quantity and effect. It includes knowledge exchange (forums, wiki, blogs, gallery), conferences at conferences and other events.

The MVP program is an award, not a certification. There’s no testing, no maintenance! The only way to become a Microsoft MVP is to be recognized and recognized by Microsoft.

Again, some people think that an MVP or Most Valuable Professionals are employees of Microsoft. No, they’re not! In fact, it is an independent community of technical leaders who share their expertise and practical knowledge of Microsoft products. They come from different fields (teachers, artists, doctors, engineers, technologists – or a businessman like me) and actively share their technical knowledge with others – more out of passion!

MVP recognition is valid for one year and will be extended if the contribution continues to be exemplary. Compared to the MCC, it is more difficult to become a Microsoft MVP because the selection process is stricter.

You will reach beyond your messages is also very important.

Essentially, a person should have the following three characteristics or be incredibly strong in one, according to this Wiki article on TechNet(2)(2).

    • Feedback – To provide valuable, courteous and accurate suggestions and comments.
    • Support – Always try to provide quality help and advice. If possible, test your own advice. Don’t guess. Experts from your region evaluate samples on your behalf. MVP Global Summit, Local and Regional MVP Open Days
    • Direct access to proprietary learning resources
    • Direct access to Microsoft product teams and MVP product group interaction and feedback teams
    • Finally, the status associated with being a Microsoft MVP.

If you are thinking of working backwards by finding out what it takes to become a Member of Parliament, doing these things and trying to get the prize, there is a good chance that you will not succeed. Only if you are passionate and feel that you are helping others will your contributions arrive as they should. So my advice: don’t work for the MVP Award. Keep contributing to your community, appreciate the contributions and make a good contribution – and the MVP Award will certainly benefit you! Quality and durability are the most important things to remember.

Windows enthusiasts can learn about the Windows Insider MVP program.

What is a Microsoft Community Contributor

Microsoft Community Contributor or MCC is a person who devotes a lot of time and energy to online technical communities such as Microsoft Answers, MSDN and TechNet. Microsoft will review these individuals’ contributions to its communities and, if appropriate, grant them MCC status.

The achievement deserves your recognition as a Microsoft community contributor and is recognizable in your profile in the online community (MSDN, TechNet, Answers) as premium status. However, recognition is only granted for a limited period of 90 days.

How to become an MCC

There is no single rule or guaranteed method that can make you an MCC or MVP. Being an MVP/MCC means helping others. However, some of the tips below can help you get the results you want. Recognition is an important driver that makes you even more successful, and Microsoft recognizes your contributions to the community very well.

      • Rules forums – Finding technological forums where there is a great need for moderation and responses. Become an expert in this technology. Always answer many questions correctly and, if this is not possible, suggest at least a large number of them (especially those that are not your own). The ability to properly search the web and display links to relevant resources is equally important to me. If you wish, you can locate the moderators or contact them by e-mail and apply as forum moderator, lead or respondent.

These FAQs can answer some questions about the MCC Award.

Learn and share!

To become a Microsoft MVP, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are a student passionate about Microsoft technologies and are not afraid to share your enthusiasm for the latest Microsoft products, you can become a Microsoft student partner. Learn more about the Microsoft Student Associate Program and how to become a Microsoft Regional Director.

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