Top 3 online password managers

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Two days ago, we tested a good free password management software for Windows. Today, we see some of the best password managers online. And because reading comments, forums and comments is considered the best way to find a service or program suitable for your own use, we will review some good and free online password managers today. They store your most valuable information (username and password), especially the password, in a safe place – and it is imperative that you go with the one you trust.

While many prefer to run password managers on their computer, some prefer to go with online password managers. Yes – using online password managers has its advantages and disadvantages. So, before we look at three, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Advantages and disadvantages of online password managers via desktop versions

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The main advantage of online password managers over desktop-based password management software is portability. They can be used on any computer and web browser without the need to install additional software. The biggest disadvantage of online password managers is that you must be 100% sure that you trust the site.


  1. Portability
  2. Low risk of password loss
  3. No software installation required
  4. Provides secure backups when a single PC


  1. Requires user trust in hosting site
  2. Vulnerable to cyber attacks
  3. No guarantee of proper encryption of stored password with user-defined key

Now you can decide whether to use a desktop password manager or an online password manager. So let’s take a look at the first 3 free online password managers that can help you keep your passwords safe and calm your mind.

Online Password Manager


Regarded as a digital safe for your personal data, this Online Password Manager manages your passwords and online access data with great security. Clipperz is based on standard encryption schemes and has a free and open version.

All data you enter is locally encrypted in your browser before it is sent to the website. You can also import passwords from other programs, and there is also an offline backup system. It saves an offline copy of your password data as an encrypted HTML document. Clipperz also has a lighter version for the Firefox sidebar, which facilitates direct subscriptions.

Clipperz Features:

you could simplify. Click a button to copy your password for a specific service to the clipboard and paste it into the website. To make it more convenient, PassPack has a JavaScript bookmarklet that allows you to simply click a button in the bookmarks bar of your web browser to register. This allows you to surf the web without having to constantly navigate to the Passpack portal.

Javascript bookmarklet is useful but does not allow to connect to every page. To solve this problem, PassPack has a unique feature – a training process! The process prompts you to click on the’User Name’,’Password’ and’Login’ fields on the website. Passpack will then remember the login instructions for this page and can login to this page from this point.


      • Online password management supports multiple users
      • Encrypted passwords are stored on a server and are accessible from any browser and any location.
      • Complete secure password packet transmission with AES and SSL encryption
      • Complete security, even if PassPack servers are hacked

disadvantages :

      • PassPack has no form filling capability
      • No two-factor authentication
      • Cannot accept a password packet on a physical disk (e.g. B. USB drive)(14) included.


Logaway is another free online password management service to keep all your login and password data in one place while offering you the best of the Internet. All the user has to do is create a free logaway account to access thousands of their online accounts from an easy-to-use home page.

The online password manager uses state-approved encryption algorithms such as 256-bit AES encryption in C++ and JavaScript to protect clients from accidental data loss. It also has the option to ‘Lock’ block your account if you leave your Logaway account connected. It appears to have received the McAfree Secure and TRUSTe quality labels. Go here to check.

Tell us if you prefer to use the online password manager and if so, which one !

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