Check what Facebook knows about you

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Facebook is currently one of the most popular social networking sites. While there are many productive uses for Facebook, people usually use it for fun and socializing with people around the world. And, you must add their personal data, images, interests and other personal information to contact like-minded people.

Most users don’t care what Facebook does with the information they add. If you are concerned about privacy on the Internet, know that Facebook and almost all other social networking sites use your personal information to help you with targeted promotions and make better suggestions from your friends.

What Facebook knows about you

All your personal information such as contacts, phone number, email address, photos, messages you posted on your timeline, things you bought online, ads you clicked on, and other online activities, browsing habits, location, and so on.

Almost every detail you add to your Facebook account is used for one purpose or another. This article explains how Facebook collects and uses your personal information. Also, how to check what is stored on FB servers.

Targeted ads on Facebook

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Have you ever felt that the ads on your calendar were made for you? If so, you’re right. Each ad that appears on your Facebook calendar is based on the interest you add to your account. Facebook servers know what you like and dislike, what you surf the web and what you recently bought online. Ads are based on age, gender, location and online activity.

Don’t worry, Facebook doesn’t follow you, they just collect the data and create a list of people based on their interests. For example, there is a list of people who are interested in watching cricket, a set of users who are interested in buying gadgets or web hosting online, or may be a set of people who are interested in buying clothes online and so on. These lists will then be sent to advertising agencies, who will provide you with targeted ads, which will certainly increase conversion rates.

Customize your Facebook ad preferences

Yes, Facebook stores your information and uses it to deliver ads to you, but the good news is that everything in your profile is under your control. Facebook gives you full control over your privacy settings and allows you to customize your ad settings.

Whenever we like a page on Facebook or click on an ad or when we add a location and register at a hotel, the data is stored on servers and used to serve relevant ads. However, you can always check the pages you liked or the interest you added to your account.

To manage Facebook ad settings and disable ad tracking, go to your Facebook ad settings and adjust the settings there.

This page shows you the products and services you have added as your interests. The list is created based on the ads you click on Facebook and the pages you like. Simply click on one of them with the mouse pointer, click on the X button and it will be deleted.

Imported contacts

Most of you may not know that Facebook has your address book. Most users unknowingly upload their address book to Facebook, which is then used to give you suggestions from their friends. In the right sidebar of your Facebook calendar, you will find a list of people you may know. Although the contacts and their information are not visible to anyone other than you, Fac ebook uses it to make friendship suggestions that help you connect with more people you know. On the other hand, Facebook allows you to delete downloaded contacts.

Your WhatsApp account information

Not only your phone book, but also your WhatsApp contact information is stored in your Facebook account. WhatsApp, the email application is part of Facebook and not everyone knows that it shares your phone number with your Facebook account. Facebook and WhatsApp data are now linked and the new privacy policy allows Facebook to use your WhatsApp account information to serve better ads and make suggestions from your friend. However, this is designed to provide you with a better user experience and social connectivity, but may also discourage your privacy concerns.

If you don’t want Facebook to use your WhatsApp details, go to your WhatsApp Settings -> Account -> Account -> and uncheck the ‘Share My Account’ tab.

Facebook also contains information about the type of device you are using, the operating system and the software installed on your device. Remember that when you connect to third-party applications via Facebook, you are giving the social network access to all your personal information, images and interests.

Facebook makes sure you know what you’re doing by asking for your rights every time. You just have to be vigilant!

After reading this document, you can tighten your Facebook privacy settings.

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