What to do after a Ransomware attack on your Windows computer?

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d that download malicious code to your Windows PC.

With cracked software, software key generators, P2P networks, can infect your computer. Even the use of a ransom infected USB key could infect your computer.

How do I know if I am infected with ransom software

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You know that you are a victim of ransom software if you find that your files, images and data have been encrypted and that you cannot open the files. In addition, you can often see a pop-up window asking you to pay a ransom or delete your files.

Backups can help here! Once you have backed up your files, you can simply ignore alerts, format and clean up your Windows operating system, and restore your backed up files.

Other treacherous characters you can see are when you determine that your security software has been disabled or deactivated, your boot recovery or repair system has been disabled, or certain important Windows services such as Windows Update, Intelligent Background Transfer Service, WinDefend, Windows Shadow Copies have been disabled.

What to do after a Ransomware attack

If you find that your computer has been blocked by Ransomware, you should follow these steps :

1] If your computer is part of a network, remove the infected system from the network

2] If you wish, you can make a copy of your hard disk or assigned files for later scanning that is necessary to decrypt the files.

3] If you have a healthy system restore point, see if you can go back and see if it works for you.

4] If you have current backups of your data, even better. Format and clean Windows and restore your backed up data for a fresh start.

5] Verify that you can use the Shadow Volume Copy Service function to restore older versions of files. Freeware ShadowExplorer can make things easier.

6] Start in safe mode and run your antivirus software thoroughly hoping it can disinfect your computer. Probably not, but there’s nothing wrong with trying.

7] Next, identify the ransom software that infected your computer. You can use a free online service called ID Ransomware.

8] If you are able to identify the ransom software, check if a ransom software decryption tool is available for your ransom software type. Then take the help of one of these Ransomware decryption tools that are currently available.

9] If Ransomware has completely blocked access to your computer or even restricted access to important features, use Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker because it can clean a registry infected with Ransomware and give you back access.

10] You can use CryptoSearch, a free tool that identifies Ransomware encrypted files and transfers them to a new storage location.

11] Although it is easy to recommend to cybercriminals when your data is critical and you have no choice but to access it, paying the ransom is the only option you have. Unfortunately, many have done so – although they do not like to acknowledge it publicly. But that’s the hard reality of life. So you or your organization has to take a call. In any case, you can also alert the cyber prosecution authorities in your country.

12] Remember to report your ransom case to your local cybercrime cell, the police or the FBI. Use this link to find out where you can report ransom software.

After decrypting the files and removing the Ransomware, you can use RansomNoteCleaner to read Ransomware and other notes.

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