What’s the Difference Between UPS and Inverter?

Inverters and inverters are both used to provide electrical energy and are therefore often confused. However, an inverter is a more sophisticated and functional device – in fact, an inverter uses an inverter as one of its internal components.

Simply put, an inverter is a device that receives energy from a direct current (DC) source, such as a battery or solar panel, and converts it into AC power. An inverter also performs power conversion, but adds functions such as instant response and energy storage.

The best way to understand the difference between UPS devices and inverters is to compare them with air conditioners and compressors. Just as a compressor cannot cool the room itself, a stand-alone inverter cannot perform all the functions of an inverter.

What is the difference between an inverter and a UPS?

Uninterruptible power supply

The UPS allows energy to pass through the system so that data can be stored before the primary power supply is completely cut off. It also protects the system against overvoltages. The inverter has a battery that contacts the power supply of the devices when it detects the loss of power from the main power supply. Its circuit consists of the inverter, battery and controller. The inverter converts alternating current to direct current using the rectifier and converts the direct current back to alternating current using a converter.

The inverter is mainly divided into three types. These are the following

  • Offline standby
  • Online interactive
  • Online/double conversion

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The basic feature of the offline/standby UPS is to provide backup performance and protect the system against overvoltages. The line interruptive UPS is also called the emergency power supply. The power failure safety inverter has a variable voltage converter that adds or subtracts the wire supply coils. With the double line conversion inverter, the battery is always connected to the inverter so that no additional power switches are required in the circuit.


Inverters are simple inverters between battery, DC, AC and source. An inverter converts direct current to alternating current; under normal conditions, the power supply supplies the load directly. In the event of a power failure, the inverter takes the power from the battery and converts it from DC to AC and supplies the electrical equipment. The purpose of inverters is to provide emergency power for equipment, lights, fans and devices that are not critical.

The inverter uses a flat plate or tubular battery to store energy, which requires continuous maintenance, i.e. filling the cells with distilled water at regular intervals. Unlike the UPS, the inverter does not protect against grid anomalies.


  • Both the UPS and the inverter provide emergency power to the electrical system. Two essential differences between the inverter and the inverter are that
  • The inverter’s transition from main power to battery is very fast, so it is used to provide backup power for important or critical electronic equipment. While the inverter takes time to switch from mains mode to battery mode, it was used for smaller electrical equipment.
  • The inverter protects the load from peaks, voltage fluctuations and noise, while the inverter does not protect the load.https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-a-UPS-and-an-Inverter-1

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