Windows 10 Critical – Good and Bad

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offer flexibility in the use of both modern and traditional applications. It allows you to easily switch from one application to another without having to relearn the PC as under Windows 8. This is not a visible feature, but you can feel the difference when you multitask between modern and traditional applications. Under Windows 8, you had to go back to the start screen and start the application. Then, you had to show in the top right corner to switch from one application to another. The desktop computer was completely different. All that pain is gone now when Continuum takes care of things. Run applications directly from your desktop or from the Start menu and Continuum ensures that your computing experience will not be compromised.

Microsoft Edge – The new browser

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Given the speed of the Edge browser, I might consider using real addons and extensions that I use regularly. Until then, I’ll stay with Internet Explorer or Firefox.

This does not mean that the Edge is useless. You may find it useful if you share web pages too often. Only the lack of addons and extensions keeps me away from the new Windows 10 browser.

WiFi Sense – Not sure if you configure it correctly

The function introduced in Windows phone 8 is integrated in Windows 10. WiFi Sense allows people on your contact list to connect to your WiFi without having to share your password manually. You won’t even know the password. Contacts are people in your Outlook address book, Skype contacts and so on. But there is a security problem with WiFi Sense – you need to make sure that you are configured correctly.

As far as I am concerned, I have disabled the function on my machine to protect myself. You can do the same thing.

Xbox App on Windows 10

This is the first time that the Windows operating system brings an Xbox application to the desktop. The idea is to get feeds from your Xbox devices and check them on your PC (or tablet). Since I’m not a big player and I don’t own an Xbox device, I couldn’t estimate the value of this application. Some critics say it is good and allows you to watch videos, etc.. I found nothing interesting in the Windows Store application that would go well with the application. This could be my own flaw or the application needs more work. Honestly, I would like to buy and play racing games, but I can download individual games directly to my Windows 10, so I don’t see many benefits. But that’s my personal opinion. Yours may vary.

Windows Updates

This is one of the brackets if you are using Windows 10. You have no way to download updates at will. You can postpone upgrades for some editions of Windows 10, but you still need to install them if Windows so indicates. It gives you a convenient time to restart and you can also restart manually if necessary. But it hurts when you turn on your PC to do something and have to wait 10-15 minutes for the updates to be installed. A negative, I’d say. I would prefer to have the option to install updates when I want and not when Microsoft wants. However, you can postpone the installation of insecure updates via Update & Security Settings. A few days ago, I wrote about a workaround to disable Windows Update, but in my opinion this is not recommended. You can forget to turn it on or confuse it with other services if you are a beginner.


Microsoft has made it easier for you to contact support if you have problems using Windows 10. That counts, I think, a lot!


Windows 10 is offered as a free upgrade for people running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1. This is another factor that can answer your question – should I upgrade? Windows 10 – and make you want to update.

I could continue, but I will finish scanning Windows 10 at this point. I like it despite some of the flaws I mentioned earlier – like unwanted applications and forced updates. The operating system offers both ease of use and increased security. Most of the flaws can be fixed with some Windows 10 tips, tricks and tricks, and I expect Microsoft to improve them with future operating system updates. One thing is certain – I am not going back to Windows 8.1

If you are interested, you can read our Windows 10 FAQ which answers other questions.

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