Windows 10 – User responses to operating system

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Windows 10 was finally released via Insider Preview on July 29, 2015 after almost eight months of testing. The Insider Preview program should allow users to test the operating system during development. Most of these insiders received a free version of Windows 10 to test the operating system. Although we published a Windows 10 test, that’s what we thought of the operating system. This article discusses what other users think about Windows 10: their reactions in the form of comments about Windows 10 messages on various websites and social networks.

Before expressing the views of others, I would like to express my personal opinion on the final version of Windows 10. The insider’s preview had many more options. Cortana, for example, worked on Insider Preview on my machine. After installing the final version a few days ago, it is said that Cortana is not yet ready for India. What’s that supposed to mean? Maybe it’s just my machine; anyway, I was a little disappointed. But then perhaps they will try to stay safe and release functions when they are ready. According to this logic, they should not have published Edge either, because it is incomplete even without add-ons. And the process of adding custom search engines to Edge is so difficult that people don’t even know it’s possible. Locking Words – I am not returning to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 because I like the other features of Windows 10 and no longer need Cortana from now on. But I must warn you. Features such as WiFi Sense and Windows Update Delivery Optimization can increase your Internet bill. I haven’t turned it off yet to see how much usage is increasing, but if you see a higher data consumption, you should turn it off immediately.

Feedback to Edge

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Edge was not well received by Internet users. Many also have their own favorite browsers for Windows 10, so here’s what Lastpass had to say when I asked if it worked on the Lastpass addon for Edge.

Other users also have problems, as shown by the following tweets

Another user is disappointed that he can’t share commented sites with his Facebook friends. Edge has the ability to share annotated web pages. I don’t know if this involves sharing on social networks, but if it does, it would be a welcome feature and we have a user who likes Edges Newsfeed.

Cortana and Bing

Curiously, few people on social networks talk about Cortana. And those who talk about it are offended by the fact that Microsoft under Windows 10 invades your privacy.

Users who follow Windows 7

Some people are not yet ready to abandon Windows 7. Each of them has its own reasons, but in short, they convey that using Windows 10 will be difficult compared to Windows 10. I have to say that I do not agree with that. The Start menu has items pinned like live tiles; the desktop is identical to Windows 7 except in tablet mode and most importantly, Windows 10 is the future and these people will sooner or later have to switch to Windows 10 if they want to continue with Microsoft.

Although it seems that everyone has problems with some feature of Windows 10, some explain that they do not return to Windows 10.

One of the users is happy that the Windows 10 reset has removed all crawlers preinstalled with the computer.

How would you rate Windows 10 on a scale of 0 to 5

We asked the question on Facebook to see how users react to Windows 10. While some simply assigned evaluation numbers (more than 5 in some cases), others had something to say.

Mike is talking about something I totally agree with.

If you are interested, please visit our Facebook page. Here you see users who rate the operating system from 0 to 5. The reactions speak for themselves!

Another hilarious reason I found on the Internet because I did not recommend his Windows 10 family, a person said he would be blamed for everything that happens – for example, if the family’s microwave fails after five years, his people will still blame him and ask him if it was the Windows 10 thing he did.

Now that you’ve seen other user reactions, what are your reactions to Windows 10?

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