Benefits of using the Microsoft account under Windows 10/8

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Windows 10 Create A Guest User Account - Tutorial

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I use Windows and I must say that it is more integrated than ever in Microsoft services. Although it is not mandatory to log in with the Microsoft account under Windows 10/8, it offers users various functions and excellent Windows performance.

You can connect to your Windows 10/8 operating system at any time from a local account, as in Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. However, when you log in with your Microsoft account, you can enjoy the impressive features of Windows 10/8.

Although it is very easy to create a Microsoft account, you can also link it to your Outlook, Hotmail or MSN account. What I mean here is that if you are already registered with Windows Live ID or a Hotmail account, it is your Microsoft account and you can use it for all Microsoft services like Windows Phone, Xbox Live, Windows 10/8, etc…..

A Microsoft account was previously known as Microsoft Passport, Windows Live ID and Microsoft Wallet. However, it’s more than a new name for the Microsoft

Online account system (Microsoft)

I use my Hotmail ID to connect to my Windows 8 PC and enjoy the splendor of Windows 10/8, when I connect to my Windows 8 PC with my Microsoft account, it’s my key to mobile entertainment, free online storage and access to thousands of applications in the Windows store. I can also connect my devices and accounts seamlessly.

Among the many wonderful features of Windows 10/8, I want to mention the best features I can only use if I log in with my Microsoft account.

I can connect to five different Windows 8 PCs using my Microsoft account and access my start screen and Windows 8 settings from each of these PCs. I can access my browsing history, favorites, photos and Windows Store applications from any of these 5 PCs. I can also change my settings such as language, etc. via my Microsoft account. You can also synchronize Windows 8 settings when you are logged in with your Microsoft account.

2) Windows Store Applications

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If you don’t know, let me tell you that you can download and install an application from the Windows 8 store only if you are logged into your Microsoft account. Needless to say, Windows 8 Store has many useful and productive applications and adding them makes using Windows 8 even more fun. With my Microsoft account, I can get thousands of applications in the store and install them on up to 5 PCs under Windows RT or Windows 10/8. Microsoft adds new applications every day, and the best part is that most of them are free.

3rd GB of free SkyDrive memory

I get 7 GB of free file storage in the cloud with SkyDrive with my Microsoft account, isn’t it wonderful? I can store a large number of my photos, videos and documents on SkyDrive 7 GB. There is also a free SkyDrive application in the store where I can manage my SkyDrive files directly from my PC, and SkyDrive applications that allow you to manage your files from your Android, iPhone or Windows phone.

You know what! You can save your photos and videos from your mobile phone directly into SkyDrive via SkyDrive Mobile Apps.

All my contacts in the same place

My Microsoft account allows me to access my Twitter, Outlook, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts in the same place. How? I can connect them all to the People application and access all my friends’ tweets, status updates and contact information in one place. I can also link my accounts to the pho. tos and see all the photos on my Facebook timeline and on my SkyDrive account in one place. I can also see pictures of my friends.

5 million songs in streaming

I am a big music fan and my Microsoft account has more for me. Yes When I connect to the Store Music App application with my Microsoft account, I can enjoy millions of streaming songs, including the latest hits and my favorite songs.

6th Xbox Game

If you want the best online gaming experience, sign in to Xbox with your Microsoft account. You can use your Microsoft account to view your friends’ games and services. You can also invite your friends to play and download many new games of all kinds.

Microsoft account vs local account

If you only have one computer, synchronization features may not be useful to you. If you don’t think you will use Xbox, music and other services, connecting to a Microsoft account may not be very attractive to you.

If you lose access to your Outlook or Hotmail account for any reason, you may as well log in with a local account. However, if you forget your Microsoft account password or determine that your account has been compromised or locked, Microsoft uses your security information to verify your identity and help you return to your account. So be sure to add this information. To do so, visit the Microsoft account web page, log in and, under Password and Security Information, click Change Security Information. Add another email address, phone number, add PCs you recognize and trust, and answer a security question.

These are my favorite Microsoft services, which I can only use if I connect to my Windows 8 PC with my Microsoft account. Tell me if I forgot any.

And yes, if you feel that you can always return to your local account from your Microsoft account under Windows 10/8.

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