Why Windows 8 will be successful!

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Windows 8 is Microsoft’s next operating system – a much anticipated version that wants to change the way people use computers. With Windows 8, Microsoft completely changes the user interface and makes it ideal for use with touchscreen devices. It drops the Start button and Start menu – native to Windows operating systems from Windows 95, and introduces an easy-to-use boot screen and tile system.

The product has not yet been placed on the market, but the debate is already ongoing. Windows 8 will be rock, Windows 8 will surpass Windows 7 or Windows 8 will be the next Vista!

Today I will talk about some reasons that give me the impression that Windows 8 will be a success.

The Metro user interface

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When you first see Windows 8, you will notice that it is very different from Windows 7. The new user interface borrowed from Windows Phone is called the Metro user interface and Microsoft is confident that it will provide positive support for the new operating system.

In fact, Microsoft is so convinced of Metro’s user interface that it extends it to other products that everything corresponds to the interface. It updates the user interface from Hotmail to Metro and if rumors are to be believed, the next version of Microsoft Office will also have the Metro interface. The best thing about this interface style is that it can be used with multiple keys for faster navigation.

Replacing graphic icons with Metro applications provides information about the desktop itself. The office looks live with the interface and therefore makes particular use of small screens with more white space. History has shown that users of Windows operating systems have always enjoyed using newer interfaces. I think the Metro user interface is also popular on instruments – perhaps more on touch screens.

In the words of Steve Ballmer :

Metro will propel the new magic through all our user experiences.

Many software vendors are already developing their software using the Metro for Windows 8 interface; these applications are one step ahead of their desktop versions because they are already open and can be used by marking the tile. All these features of the new Metro interface make Windows 8 a welcome candidate for new computers.

Ready for the cloud

The cloud is called the future of the computer. More and more organizations are integrating the cloud into their infrastructure – whether for storage needs or for hosting programs and applications. Cloud services are also an essential component for individual users. For example, users want an extension to store their music files and photos so they can access them from any computer.

Windows 8 integrates SkyDrive into the operating system. SkyDrive is available as a Metro application on the Home screen. This means that SkyDrive is always open on your computer and you can access it simply by selecting the SkyDrive tile. In addition, SkyDrive is available in all Windows 8 and Share Charm applications, making it easy to store and share files on SkyDrive. SkyDrive brings the cloud directly to your computer – so you can open SkyDrive files and save them to SkyDrive.

According to the MSDN blog on SkyDrive and Windows 8 integration:

For application developers, this means that as long as your application supports opening and saving documents and photos, SkyDrive is supported automatically and without additional effort.

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