How to grant or obtain increased privileges on Windows 10/8/7

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You may have noticed that many programs are often installed on your computer that require administrator rights to boot. You can use administrator rights to make system changes that can affect all other users. In other words, any program you run as an administrator will make it easier for you to access your computer while it is running.

User account control notifies you before changes are made – not all changes, but only those requiring high administrative fees or permissions. If you run certain programs, you can first see the UAC prompt. The program is not run until you have given your consent. This is a security feature in Windows. The key is to understand what can be done and how changes to administration fees or high fees can be achieved without compromising security.

Let’s see the different options and scenarios.

Open elevated command prompt

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Although you can perform many tasks with the CMD, some tasks required high permissions. With Windows 8.1, you can easily open the command prompt (Admin) via the WinX menu. This post shows how to run the command prompt as an administrator.

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If you still want to run a program with administrative rights, right-click the program executable and select Properties. Select the Run this program as administrator check box. Click Apply > OK. This article shows you in detail how you can still run applications as an administrator.

Disable Admin Approval mode with Secpol

Run secpol.msc to open the local security policy and navigate to Local Policies > Security Settings. In the right pane, you see a parameter User Account Control : Enable Admin Approval Mode. Double-click it and select Disabled.

This policy parameter controls the behavior of all User Account Control (UAC) policy parameters for the computer. If you change this policy setting, you will need to restart your computer. The options are:

Enabled. (default) Admin Approval mode is enabled. This policy must be enabled and the corresponding UAC policy settings must also be set accordingly for the embedded administrator account and all other users who are members of the Administrators group to run in Admin Approval mode.

Off. Admin Approval mode and all associated UAC policy settings are disabled. If this policy setting is disabled, Security Center will inform you that the overall security of the operating system has been compromised.

Caution, this will reduce the overall security of your computer!

Increased access rights under Windows 10/8/7

A standard user does not have special permission to change server administration. He may not have the following privileges: Add, delete, edit a user, close the server, create and manage group policy objects, change file permissions, and more.

But a user with administrator rights can do much more than the standard user. However, rights are granted after receiving increased privileges for each level in one of the groups, namely Local Server, Domain and Forest.

When a user is added to one of the groups, he gets more performance than the default user. You receive additional user rights. It is the rights or configurations that control who can do what with the computer. If configured, each computer can support a unique set of administrators who control different areas of that computer.

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