10 most useful Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts to know

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There are those who do not bother to use keyboard shortcuts, and there are those who cannot do without them. For those who don’t really use it, you should try it. You can start with the 10 most useful shortcuts for Windows 7. You’ll forget the shortcuts if you don’t use them, so try using them once you’ve gone through this message – you’ll see that you’ll do things much faster under Windows 7.

10 useful shortcuts for Windows 7

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  1. Win+1, 2, 3, 4, etc…. : It starts each program on your taskbar. It is useful to leave the most frequently used programs at the beginning of the taskbar so that you can open them one after the other. 
  2. Profit+T: Used to switch between programs on the taskbar. This is similar to moving the mouse over the object. You can start any program with’Space’ or’Enter’.
  3. Win+Home: This shortcut minimizes all programs except the current windows you are using. It is similar to the Aero Shake and can be disabled with the same registry key.
  4. Alt+Esc : It is like Alt+Tab, but it changes the windows in the order in which they were opened.
  5. Win+Pause/Pause: This opens the’System Properties’ window. This can be useful if you want to quickly see the name of a computer or simple system statistics
  6. Alt+Enter : It opens the properties of the file you selected so that you can easily view the file size, sharing settings and creation date.
  7. Shift+F10 : This is a very useful shortcut for laptop users as it opens the context menu or the context menu of a file/folder. Can sometimes be very convenient.
  8. Ctrl+Shift+Sc: The Task Manager is open without using Ctrl+Alt+Del
  9. F2 : This shortcut allows you to immediately rename a file or folder.
  10. F3 : This shortcut opens the explorer and focuses on the search bar. If you have already opened an Explorer window, it will focus on the search bar and open the drop-down menu.

Once you get used to it, you can download our eBook for free from the complete list of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts. This eBook contains over 200 shortcuts to Windows 7, Paint, WordPad, MS Office, Calculator, Help, Media Player, Media Center, Windows Journal, Internet Explorer, etc.

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Did I miss a useful key combination? Let us know what your favorite Windows keyboard shortcuts are.

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