Tweak Me – A free Windows Optimizer

Today, I came across this little application called Tweak Me. This is an optimization and free software for most Windows operating systems that will help you optimize your computer. They also added support for Windows 8 in their latest updated version. There are not many new optimizations for Windows 8, but they have a very good collection. So let’s dive into what Tweak Me has to offer.

The user interface of Tweak Me is very neat and beautiful. But it’s not a portable application. You must install it to run it. Once you start the application, the system first recognizes whether you are running the application as an administrator. You will then be prompted to create a system restore point. Once created, it will lead you to optimizations. One of the advantages of this application is that it detects the operating system and offers only optimizations compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 or your version of Windows. read more

mFTP: A free FTP Metro application for Windows 8

mFTP is a free FTP folder that allows you to upload or download everything to your FTP server. With all the necessary and familiar features, it makes FTP access from Windows 8 a great experience. The program has an excellent interface and connects very quickly to FTP servers.

Instructions for connecting an FTP server

  1. Open the mFTP application from the Windows start screen.
  2. Right-click to display the options and menu bar.
  3. In the top bar, you see three text fields, namely’Server’,’User Name’ and’Password’.
  4. Enter the address and credentials of your server in the text box and click Save to save these settings to the software.
  5. Finally press the’Login’ button.

After a successful connection, you can view the files or folders available on the FTP server. After successfully connecting to the FTP server, you can delete, download, edit or rename files/folders. You can even create new directories and upload files to the server. You can also download a complete directory to the server. You can also view the history or log so that you can view the history of previous connections. read more

Smaller: Free and secure web browser for children

How often do your children use the Internet and how do they use it? If you think your kids use the Internet like you do, you’re wrong. While we shop, bank, work and do other useful things on the Internet, our children are busier downloading games, browsing videos and using social networks.

The lives of today’s children are increasingly dominated by the Internet and game consoles, so it is very important to understand your children’s Internet habits. There is a large increase in the number of children (all age groups) who have unattended Internet access through personal computers in their room. read more

StartW8: A free replacement for the Windows 8 Start menu. 1) Startw8 Windows 8 Freeware Start Menu

Do you want your boot menu in Windows 8, well, maybe you didn’t like the modern interface or if you just want the boot menu in your PC. We have already seen freeware to add the Start menu to Windows 8. StartW8 is the other software that can do this for you. With this tool, you can get a start menu under Windows 8 that is almost identical to that of Windows 7.


Although the installation is simple, it contains some additional steps. Once installed, the software takes up very little space on your system, and it takes up very little RAM memory while running. read more

Update PC exam: Restore Windows services, registry to factory default values

RefreshPC is a simple application that claims to delete Windows registry entries, Windows services, temporary files, temporary files, pre-extracted files. It is difficult to say exactly what this program does in the background because there is no log file. So if you use this tool, you must trust the developer with the process The previous version had many red flags of many trusted antivirus programs. So I was very careful with the execution of this application. First, I downloaded the application on Virus Total and did a full scan. No antivirus software has marked it as malicious or potentially dangerous. read more

Enhancemy8 : All-in-one care and maintenance tool for Windows 8

If you have upgraded to Windows 8, you probably know that there is no Start menu in the new operating system. This lack has given many developers the opportunity to develop new applications and programs to customize the appearance of the operating system. Maintenance programs have also not been ignored. The latest admired for its performance is EnhanceMy8 – an optimization and maintenance tool for Windows 8.

EnhanceMy8 for Windows 8

EnhanceMy8 is a complete optimization and maintenance tool for Windows 8. The tool has many features and functions and is available in 2 versions read more

Load any program from the Firefox status bar with Easy Access Add-on

There are some programs under Windows that you need to access quickly while you are working. However, the task of starting these programs immediately is tedious. For example, if you want to edit an image with Microsoft Paint, you must select the’Charms-bar’ search option, type Paint, then click the appropriate option to start it.

It wouldn’t be great if you could just start one of your favorite programs by clicking on the respective program icons in the status bar of your browser. Easy Access Add-on, a Firefox add-on gives you the ability to do so. Easy Access gives you quick access to system controls and other programs on your computer. read more

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

Adobe Flash Player is an important software that most computer users install. Without Flash, some websites will not function properly and that is why most hackers and malware have started targeting Flash. Adobe regularly publishes security updates, so it is important to keep your Flash Player up to date.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater is a free software that downloads and installs the latest version of Flash Player without the need to download Adobe Download Manager. Adobe has set the new background update device to check for updates once an hour until it receives a response from Adobe. If the response indicates that there is no new update, it will wait 24 hours before being checked again. Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater detects the installed version, checks online on the Adobe website if the latest version is available, even every 2 hours, and then offers to automatically install the new version. read more

Phrozen Password Revealer & Recovery Tool allows you to recover forgotten or lost passwords

There may come a time when you notice that you have lost or forgotten your passwords. We have already seen tools that allow you to recover passwords in different scenarios. Phrozen Password Revealer & Recovery Tool is another standalone freeware that allows you to recover passwords from your Windows computer.

Phrozen Password Revealer & Recovery Tool

You will now need to forget your passwords longer, because even if you do, Phrozen Password Recovery will quickly recover your lost password and allow you to copy and export this password so that you can store it in a safe place if you wish. The tool allows you to copy the URL, user name or password. You can also copy all the details of a line, copy all connection information at once and export the results to another file. read more

Quickly copy all files of a file type to a specific folder with GoGet

Finding a file whose location is unknown can be a difficult task. Suppose you have distributed music files on your hard disk. Wouldn’t it be great if you could move all these music files to a specific location quickly and easily? GoGet is free software that allows you to move your collection of photos, songs, movies, documents and other data to a specific location. This way, you can move all your music files to one place. It allows you to bring your files under control by allowing you to copy the desired file type from a folder to a specific location. read more