Windows 10 v1803 creates an additional hard disk partition

Windows 10 v1803 April 2018 The update brought many new and improved features. However, many users have reported that it creates additional OEM or recovery partitions . It is essentially a WinRE partition. They cannot be deleted immediately because they are assigned a logical drive letter.

This excess partition is visible in both File Explorer and Disk Management and occupies (at least virtually) disk space. In some cases, the system starts with the message that the disk is full. Also, when you check the disk usage in Task Manager, you can see that it is approaching 100%, which slows down the system. read more

How to use Proximity Sharing under Windows 10

Short distance communication between computers has always been a hot topic. With different communication channels, we always try to find the best combination between transmission speed and installation speed. Bluetooth is fast for small files, but you have to pair the devices and go through the setup each time. Wi-Fi is faster, but you need to make sure all devices are on the same network. There could be a better way, couldn’t there? With Windows 10 v1803, a new feature called Nearby Sharing has been added. Read on to learn how you can use this feature. read more

The controller is not recognized or works under Windows 10

You are a player who prefers a controller to a keyboard and mouse. Although this is strange for a Windows 10 PC drive, we all like what we like. Now comes a day when your controller stops working and you wonder what’s going on. If your controller or USB joystick is not recognized in Windows 10, we have some fixes that should fix the problem once and for all. You may need to update the driver, adjust power management settings, and remove some plug-and-play devices.

The controller is not detected

This is a problem where the controller is not detected by Windows 10. You have performed the hardware troubleshooting, restarted your computer, but the problem persists. What’s the next step? Well, we’ll talk about a number of ways to control this problem. read more

Full screen games that are randomly minimized on the desktop in Windows 10

We all want to play and enjoy our video games on Windows 10, but this can be difficult if we can’t play in full screen mode. This is a problem that many users have faced and still face, but fortunately there are ways to control everything.

One solution may not work for all, as people tend to have different computers with different specifications. Like most of our problem solving sessions, we will talk about several ways to correct the error in full screen.

Minimize desktop games

If your full screen games in Windows 10 are minimized randomly on the desktop, see if any of these 5 suggestions will help you stop this and solve the problem. We are sure that at least one of the upcoming options will work, so don’t worry, you are in good hands. But before you start, make sure you have updated Windows 10 and the game itself to the latest version. read more

The Timeline function does not work on Windows 10

If the Timeline function does not work under Windows 10, then this article shows you how to enable the Timeline function and make it work. The settings also allow you to disable or disable the Timeline and Activity History functions when you are not using them.

Timeline function does not work under Windows 10

In WinX menu Open Settings and go to Privacy section.

There you see a setting under Windows Permissions > Activity History on the right side – Let Windows retrieve my activities from the PC. Select this setting. read more

Windows update April 10, 2018 does not install on Alienware laptops

If you are using an Alienware laptop, you may not be lucky with Windows 10 v1803 for your computer. According to Alienware users reports in the Reddit forum, Windows April 10, 2018 Update is not installed on Alienware laptops and fails every attempt.

(Hybrid notebooks with discrete GPU connected to display error

Update fails with an interesting and unique error message indicating :

You must delete these applications yourself and then choose Update. These programs must be uninstalled because they are not compatible with the upgrade – hybrid notebooks with a discrete graphics processor connected to the screen. read more

Delete integrated Windows 10 applications for all users who use PowerShell Script

Pre-installed applications have been included since the deployment of Windows 10. Some of these applications are indispensable for consumers, while others are installed from an advertising point of view. There are several reasons why Microsoft adds applications, even if you upgrade from one version to another – but it can be removed. This guide explains how to remove embedded Windows 10 applications from TechNet Gallery using a predefined PowerShell PowerShell script. read more

How to enable the ultimate performance power plan under Windows 10

Ultimate Performance Mode is a power plan deployed with Windows 10 v1803, designed for workstations and designed to optimize operating system performance. Although it is intended to improve performance, IMO, it will help a lot for players as well as for anyone with any intensity task. In this manual, we will learn how to enable the Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 10.

Ultimate Performance Power Plan is only available for high-end PCs that run directly under power, and there is no direct way to enable it for all PCs. However, I won’t recommend this mode for laptops because it uses a lot of battery power, but if you are sure you want to, you can use it for your best gaming experience. read more

Fixing strange audio problems from your computer’s speaker

We tend to use our Windows computers to listen to a lot of music or anything with sound. It’s a great way to pass the time when we don’t have much to do, but what happens when the speaker emits a strange high-pitched sound.

Well, this should never be considered normal, so if your computer displays this problem, then there is a technical malfunction that could be either software or hardware.

Strange audio problems from the speaker

Audio problems on Windows are not new, but what happens if your speaker produces a strange high-pitched sound that bothers you more than anything else? Just try these patches to correct audio errors. read more