How To Fix Installing Update Error 0x80070652

Error 80070652 means that a previous installation was not successfully completed. Restarting your computer usually solves this problem. If this does not help, you can continue with these troubleshooting steps for Windows Update.

0x80070652 update error

Error code 0x80070652 is one of the Windows errors you may encounter when installing system updates on Windows 7/8/10, and it may also occur during the installation process of some software, such as Visual Studio. Normally, it is accompanied by the error ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING, which means that another installation is in progress. Therefore, this error may be related to the conflict between the update files already installed and the one to be installed. Some users encounter this bug in the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) environment. This error code is found on all versions of Windows, but is currently used more frequently on Windows 10. read more

Fix Adding Printers via Group Policy are Not Installing Error 0x800703EB

Error 0x800703eb occurs when you deploy printers via group policy. The policy is that the correct settings are made, but the printer is not displayed. The following printer error may occur in the Event Viewer:

The computer ‘’ preference item in the ‘Printers {6CDA8498-65F2-4B71-BA11-666293604519}’ Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code ‘0x800703eb Cannot complete this function.’ This error was suppressed.

0x800703eb Printer Error

Group policy settings were introduced with Windows Server 2008 and are still present in Windows 2012. Compared to “simple group policies”, they extend the possibilities of configuring computer and user settings. read more

Fixing Error 0X80072745: Windows Mobile-based device failed to connect due to communication failure

The Windows Mobile device cannot connect to the Windows Mobile Device Center with error code 0X80072745.


In the Device Manager, “HP USB Sync” appears to work correctly under mobile devices, but the entry “Portable Devices”, “Windows Mobile Device” appears with a yellow exclamation mark. The Install Hardware dialog box indicates that the installation has failed.

The Windows Mobile Device Center displays “Connect” for a longer period of time, then abandons and displays a white cross in a red circle with “Error” next to it. read more

Fix Printer Error 0x00000005: Operation could not be completed. Access is Denied.

The printer error 0x00000005 can also be abbreviated as STOP 0x5, but the complete STOP code is always the one displayed on the blue STOP message.

0x00000005 printer error

If Windows can start after the STOP 0x5 error, you may be prompted to restore Windows after an unexpected shutdown.

There is not much information about the error 0x00000005, but there is a simple solution that I found. This error 0x00000005 is usually caused when you cannot set your new printer or another printer as the default printer.

The error message looks like this: read more

File too large – The file is too large for the target file system

This message will help you if you cannot copy large files larger than 4 GB to a USB stick or SD card and you receive a message – file too large, the file is too large for the destination file system message when copying a large file.

I recently received the message File Too Large error when copying a 4.8 GB zipped file from my Windows 10 PC to a new 8 GB USB drive. If you receive such a message, even if you know there is enough space for the file, you must do the following to copy the file successfully. read more

Windows 10 Update and Shutdown/Restart do not work and do not disappear

Each time a new update is downloaded to your Windows 10 PC, the operating system replaces the Restart and Stop button with Update and Restart and Update and Shutdown. This is probably the best way to make sure you don’t miss the update. Sometimes, however, users notice that these buttons continue to display the same message even if you have performed these operations – that is, either restart or shut down the computer. This can happen if an update cannot be installed and your PC prompts you to update and stop each time. So, what can you do in this case? read more

How To Resolve 0x80244019 Update Error

The user does not update with error 0x80244019. If you look at the Windows update logs, it seems that they try to get the update from the WSUS server itself if the server is configured not to store the update files locally.

Fix Error 0x80244019

Error code 0x80244019 is a typical error that occurs during the Windows update process in Windows 10 and earlier versions. This can lead to failed updates, which can be annoying for Windows users who are trying to keep their device up to date.

Error message:

“There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80244019)” read more

Windows Update 0X80070420 Error Repair

Windows Update 0x80070420 error appears when you try to update Windows using the Windows Update program or Microsoft Update websites to install new patches on your computer. The error 0x8007040420 prevents the update from terminating and prevents you from using the latest version of Windows. The error is mainly caused by corruption or damage to files or settings, which means that they do not work properly in your system. You must be able to fix these errors in order to update Windows again. This tutorial is a functional solution to the problem. read more

How to configure Windows 10 to create dump files on the blue screen of death

If a Windows computer crashes, a BSOD or blue death screen is displayed. This screen usually appears for a split second, creates a few logs or dump files, as many people refer to it, and then suddenly restarts the computer. Well, this process is so fast that the user often does not have the ability to get the right error code and probably does not have the ability to check what went wrong. These crash dump files are stored internally on the computer and are only accessible by an administrator. read more

Fix Windows Update Error 0x80072EFE Involving Incorrect Date and Time Settings

The error code 0x80072EFE indicates a connection problem with Windows Update.


To download and install Windows updates, your Windows installation must meet certain criteria so that Microsoft knows that you are downloading updates to a certified copy of the operating system. Curiously, this includes setting the correct date and time on your PC. Without the correct date and time, you can get the error 0x80072efe.

You must also have a working Internet connection to download updates. Firewalls, antivirus software and other software that you have installed on your PC can be exchanged between your computer and Windows Update servers. Disabling the Windows firewall sometimes fixes the error. You just need to remember to turn it back on when you’re done. read more