How To Fix ActiveSync Error Code 85010014

You may receive error 85010014 or 0x850101010014 when synchronizing with Outlook. This problem only affects devices that use ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.

85010014 outlook error

This error code indicates a problem with Microsoft Outlook. This problem can be solved by ensuring that the host Exchange server is updated with the latest updates and service packs.

For users of Nokia Lumia series phones running Windows OS and facing a problem with Outlook or the old Hotmail where new emails are not updated and when users open their emails, the error shown in the figure below – error code: 85010014 is displayed. read more

Fix Restoring a System Image Error 0X80042407

Error 0x80042407 is displayed during system restore process. This happens when the media has been created on computer A and is used on computer B (same model as computer A).

0X80042407 Restore Image Failed

This problem occurs in most cases when users try to use Windows repair or installation disks to restore the system image backup to another hard disk or computer with different hardware. If you are one of the victims, you can follow these troubleshooting steps to solve the problem.

The error looks similar to this:

The Windows Complete PC Restore operation failed.
Error details: The disk that is set as active in BIOS is too small to recover the original system disk. Replace the disk with a larger one and retry the restore operation. (0x80042407) read more

Windows Live Mail Error 0X80048820 Fix

Error code 0X80048820 means that you are connected to the Internet but cannot download or send emails.

Error Code 0X80048820

It seems that Microsoft Windows Live programs are trying to synchronize via the Windows Time Service. However, this service was disabled because I was facing the same problem. Therefore, I have taken the following steps to solve this problem; you can try this solution below:

Open WLM

verify windows live settings

1) Go to Run, then enter “services.msc” and press ENTER.

2) Look for the “Windows Time” service, then activate it and make sure that the service is set to Startup Type to “automatic”. read more

Outlook Error 0x800ccc0d or 0x800ccc0f When Receiving and Sending E-Mail

The 0x800ccc0d error appears when you try and send / receive email messages in Microsoft Outlook. This error usually arises when Outlook cannot determine whether your PC is connected to the Internet or there is a program blocking Outlook’s access to the internet. This error can occur in any version of outlook and the error code is universal for all versions, from XP to 2010. It can also occur in Microsoft Outlook Express.


When you attempt to send or receive email in Outlook or Outlook Express, you see one of the following error messages. read more

How To Fix 0x800704c8 Error Code

0x80070404c8 issues can occur due to incorrectly configured system files in your Windows operating system. And it’s easy to see that your current application slows down and delays response times. More importantly, if you run several programs simultaneously, your PC will suddenly crash and freeze unexpectedly. The main reasons for problems with 0x800704c8 are boot congestion, recording errors, RAM regression, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant program installations.

0x800704c8 error

The problem with these Windows error codes is insidious. This may be antivirus software installed on the Hyper-V host. The real-time scanning component of the antivirus software can be configured to monitor files on the Hyper-V VM (VHD) virtual hard disk. read more

Fix Office 2003 Update Error 0X80096004 (KB907417)

The error 0X80096004 (or 80096004) appears due to errors in the certificate when you try to update Office 2003, especially for users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, because Office 2003 is quite old and not fully compatible with them, as this situation shows. This error has also occurred in other situations and with other updates, and the cause is the same for all.


Once you encounter Windows update error code 0X80096004, you should check the system for malware, registry errors, corrupted files, irrelevant software and similar problems. read more

Fix 0x00000084 Blue Screen of Death Error

Registry corruption, missing system files, incorrect configuration, incompatible Windows drivers and virus or malware attacks on your computer cause Windows error code 0x00000084. In this case, the system cannot start or display an error message on the screen. Update error, stop error, BSOD error message on the screen. To avoid these conditions, correct the error code 0x00000084 as soon as possible.

0x00000084 BSOD

How to repair BSOD error 0x00000084:

There are a few manual steps that can help you troubleshoot the Windows 0x00000084 update error. Scanning using the Windows automatic error repair tool is the safe way to correct the Windows error Bsod 0x00000084. This tool is equipped with the best scanning method that easily detects and corrects the cause of the error. The step-by-step instructions in this tool repair corrupted Windows system files and remove viruses or malware from your computer. read more

Repairing 0x80010108 Windows Update Error (Solved)

An error 0x80010108 may occur when opening applications, opening pictures, playing videos or music. It also appears when Windows is updated.

0x80010108 Update Error

Error code 0x80010108 prevents users from installing or downloading applications from Windows memory. You cannot install an application for this unexpected error. It is accompanied by the following message: “Try again. Something went wrong. The error code is 0x80010108, if you need it”.

Error 0x80010108 can also be an error in the Windows Live photo gallery. This error prevents the user of the Windows PC from viewing the photos. The error code is often displayed in the following format: read more

Fixing System Restore Error 0X80042302

This error is usually caused by a misconfigured system or some corrupted or corrupted Windows files, but in most cases, the error 0x80042302 appears when you run System Restore.

0x80042302 System Restore Error

It is known to occur as a result of one or more of the following causes:

Cause 1: The Volume Shadow Copy service is disabled.

The most common cause of this error is a Volume Shadow Copy service that does not work. This service backs up Windows during its use and is necessary for the proper functioning of the system restore. read more

How To Fix Error Code 80072ee7

Windows Update Error 80072ee7 occurs when you try to download Windows Updates. The error code (80072ee7) itself means WININET_E_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED, which means nothing to you if you are not a Tech-Geek or Google Wizard. However, the error itself is caused by incorrect Internet settings.


If you receive the Windows Update 80072ee7 error when checking for updates, you may need to change or delete static IP addresses in the Windows Update service. The addresses are stored in an operating system file called the Hosts file. read more