How to fix corrupted bootres.dll corrupted file in Windows 10 Corrupted dll booths corrupted Windows

In this article we see what the file bootres.dll is in the Windows 10 operating system and where it is located. We will also see how to repair or replace a corrupted bootres.dll file that prevents you from booting on your Windows desktop and issues an error message – Boot critical file esourcescustomootres.dll is corrupted. Sometimes this error can even lead to the’Automatic Repair’ screen.

What is the bootres.dll file

Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and are external parts of applications running Windows or other operating systems. Most applications are not complete and save the code in different files. If the code is required, the corresponding file is loaded into memory and used. If the operating system or software does not find the appropriate DLL file, or if the DLL file is corrupted, you may receive an error message. read more

How To Fix Microsoft VBScript Compilation and JavaScript Error 800a03ea

Error code, 800A03EA occurs when you execute a VBScript. This is a compilation error, so check your syntax, especially ampere sands and commas. The script will not work as you hoped. Instead, you receive an error message window.


Your VBScript contains an incorrect character or possibly an omission. Note: The source: Microsoft VBScript compilation error, i.e. it is a syntax error and not a logical error.

Error code 800a03ea can also be a JavaScript error that occurs during web browsing. This can be annoying, as you will soon experience frostbite and breakdowns that will seriously affect your peaceful surfing of the Internet. But why do you get this JavaScript error at all? We know that JavaScript is what makes a website wonderful and enjoyable, so it is quite common for us to have a problem with JavaScript codes on a particular web page. Perhaps the solutions presented here will give you some simple tips to immediately fix common JavaScript errors. read more

How to disable automatic restart in the event of a system failure on Windows 10

If a critical Windows operating system error occurs, the system launches a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). This blue death screen then inserts the error code in the bottom left corner and restarts the computer. This error is mainly caused by some internal system processes or files that no longer work as expected. Sometimes a DLL or Dynamic Link Library file malfunctions or a critical process in the system returns an error. Well, in this case, the task the user is currently performing is often left and forcibly closed by the system. This means a greater loss of unsecured work by the user on his computer. To solve this problem, we must disable automatic restart. read more

Windows License Activation Error 0X80040017 Fixed

When restarting the computer after selecting the user and load profiles, users can receive the message “Windows Product Activation” which says “A problem is that Windows does not accurately check the license for computer error code 0X80040017. Sometimes, the same error message appears even if you started the computer in safe mode. If the code error 0X80040017 cannot be corrected in time, it may cause other unknown errors on the computer.

0X80040017 Activation Fail

If you suddenly get the Windows error 0X80040017 or the error code 0X80000003, check and cancel the change made on your computer. Check again if you have recently installed a new program on your computer. If the program or device drivers you install on your computer do not work in a way that is incompatible with your computer, you will receive an error message 0X80040017 on your screen. Uninstall the program and restart your computer, this will fix the Windows error. read more

Repairing Performance Counter Error 0xC0000BB8

The error 0xC0000BB8 can be recorded by EventSentry if a particular performance counter is unavailable or disabled.

0xC0000BB8 error

If the counter is disabled, you can use the Extensible Performance Counter List utility to reactivate the counter. The error message looks like this:

“The performance counter “PhysicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length” could not be monitored due to error “0xC0000BB8″. Please make sure that the performance counter exists. If you are running a non-english version of Windows then performance counters are named in the language of the Operating System. ” read more

(Solved) Update Error Code 8024200D Repair Guide

Error 8024200d or WU_E_UH_NEEDANOTHERDOWNLOAD means that the update manager has not installed the update because it must be downloaded again.

error 8024200D

The easiest solution would be to download the update installation package from the Microsoft Update Catalog and install it manually.

Check out these solutions we have listed to help you fix Update Error 8024200D:

Run Windows Update troubleshooting (if you have not already done so)


a. Open the search by tapping on the right side of the screen (or, if you use a mouse, point to the upper right corner of the screen and move the mouse pointer down), then press Search or click.
b. Tap on or click on Settings, then type the troubleshooting in the text box.
c. Tap on or click on Troubleshooting in the list of results.
d. Tap or click on Fix problems with Windows Update, click on Next, then follow the instructions. read more

How To Fix Installing Update Error 0x80070652

Error 80070652 means that a previous installation was not successfully completed. Restarting your computer usually solves this problem. If this does not help, you can continue with these troubleshooting steps for Windows Update.

0x80070652 update error

Error code 0x80070652 is one of the Windows errors you may encounter when installing system updates on Windows 7/8/10, and it may also occur during the installation process of some software, such as Visual Studio. Normally, it is accompanied by the error ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING, which means that another installation is in progress. Therefore, this error may be related to the conflict between the update files already installed and the one to be installed. Some users encounter this bug in the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) environment. This error code is found on all versions of Windows, but is currently used more frequently on Windows 10. read more

Fix Adding Printers via Group Policy are Not Installing Error 0x800703EB

Error 0x800703eb occurs when you deploy printers via group policy. The policy is that the correct settings are made, but the printer is not displayed. The following printer error may occur in the Event Viewer:

The computer ‘’ preference item in the ‘Printers {6CDA8498-65F2-4B71-BA11-666293604519}’ Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code ‘0x800703eb Cannot complete this function.’ This error was suppressed.

0x800703eb Printer Error

Group policy settings were introduced with Windows Server 2008 and are still present in Windows 2012. Compared to “simple group policies”, they extend the possibilities of configuring computer and user settings. read more

Fixing Error 0X80072745: Windows Mobile-based device failed to connect due to communication failure

The Windows Mobile device cannot connect to the Windows Mobile Device Center with error code 0X80072745.


In the Device Manager, “HP USB Sync” appears to work correctly under mobile devices, but the entry “Portable Devices”, “Windows Mobile Device” appears with a yellow exclamation mark. The Install Hardware dialog box indicates that the installation has failed.

The Windows Mobile Device Center displays “Connect” for a longer period of time, then abandons and displays a white cross in a red circle with “Error” next to it. read more

Fix Printer Error 0x00000005: Operation could not be completed. Access is Denied.

The printer error 0x00000005 can also be abbreviated as STOP 0x5, but the complete STOP code is always the one displayed on the blue STOP message.

0x00000005 printer error

If Windows can start after the STOP 0x5 error, you may be prompted to restore Windows after an unexpected shutdown.

There is not much information about the error 0x00000005, but there is a simple solution that I found. This error 0x00000005 is usually caused when you cannot set your new printer or another printer as the default printer.

The error message looks like this: read more