Create and anchor the custom toolbar at the top of the Windows computer screen with Coolbarz

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Windows XP provided a great feature that allowed you to anchor your full folder with shortcuts up or side of the screen. This allowed you to keep your office clean, but gave you easy access to files, folders or programs. The feature was also available under Windows Vista – but with some restrictions. You can have this type of one custom toolbar anchored to Windows 7 pages with third party free software, and you can also get this feature in Windows 8!

Coolbarz is a free tool that creates custom desktop toolbars or toolbars for quick and easy access to your most frequently used programs, files and folders.

Coolbarz can create up to four toolbars that can be hung on all four sides of the screen. As I mentioned earlier, this feature is fully implemented in Windows, which allows you to create and store your own custom toolbars on the desktop, but it has been removed in later versions of Windows.

The application is portable, i.e. it does not need to be installed. After downloading it, simply run the executable and select the desired settings. I chose only one toolbar on top.

When this is done, drag the desktop shortcuts to the toolbar, then remove the desktop shortcuts. You can also add, edit or remove shortcuts from the toolbar by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting the appropriate action.

The settings also offer Corner protection and Automatic fade out options. You can also show or hide the icon in the notification area.

You can attach program shortcuts, folders, Internet shortcuts, built-in tools such as Notepad, registry editors, etc. and hide them automatically. The toolbar is easily customizable to your functional and visual needs, including fade effects, and provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface with update notifications.

I tried it on my Windows 8 and I was pleasantly surprised that it works well. Now I no longer need to fill my Windows 8 taskbar with program shortcuts and shortcuts to shut down and restart the Windows 8 computer. I can put them all on this Cool Toolbar.

We have already seen options to add the Start menu type from to the Windows taskbar or the option to run programs natively by creating a custom toolbar with explorer.exe to run programs from the Windows 8 taskbar. Coolbarz offers another possibility!

Download Coolbarz

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Instead of trying to fight Windows 8 and find ways to restore the Start menu in Windows 10/8, you should try getting used to the Home screen and using Coolbarz because it offers better features – a feature that complements Windows 10/8. On the desktop, it provides easy access to your favorite programs, files and folders. So, in my opinion, it’s the best of both worlds. What more do you want? You can download it here.

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