Delete and remove all Cortana personal data under Windows 10

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Cortana is the de facto Windows 10 personal assistant comes with, and it is used for many things in addition to using it for searching. However, Microsoft also collects data from Cortana to improve usability. It includes voice, interest and device data. In this manual, you will learn how to delete and delete all personal data from Cortana under Windows 10.

Cortana can do many things for you, including basic PC operations, working on the lock screen, performing custom tasks and so much more. It can also synchronize settings between PCs. If you have never used Cortana before, you can activate it immediately and sign up for the same experience on all devices with your Microsoft account.

Well, if you’ve already used it a bit, and you’re wondering if the disconnect will just fix it, it’s not. You don’t need to do any more! This article shows you how to clear the search history and delete all personal data from Cortana under Windows 10.

Delete all personal data from Cortana

Windows 10 offers a variety of privacy options that you can configure to protect your privacy. When you are logged in with your Microsoft account, data such as search queries, calendar events, contacts and location can be captured

The first thing you need to do is to unsubscribe from Cortana. In this way, no further data collection takes place. Cortana collects the data on your PC, keeps a copy and synchronizes again with the cloud. That is why we have to delete the data in two places.

Disconnect Cortana

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  • Click on the search bar > Switch to laptop.
  • Then click on your profile that lists the email ID of your Microsoft account.
  • You must now click on your profile again. This will open a pop-up window listing your account.
  • Write-off.

Turn off voice services and input suggestions

  • Open settings > Privacy > Language, ink and input.
  • On the right side, press key to turn off voice services and tips.
  • Confirm again to switch it off permanently.

When you turn it off, you cannot talk to Cortana and your typing, ink and user dictionary will be deleted. Voice services that do not depend on the cloud, such as Windows speech recognition, continue to work. Typing suggestions and writing using the system dictionary will continue to work.

Delete Cortana data on PC

  • Open Settings > Cortana > Permissions and History application.
  • Click the History button on my device.

Deleting and deleting all Cortana personal data from the cloud

The next step is to delete all stored data from the cloud. This ensures that the data is not used by Microsoft or third parties.

  • To open the data protection portal for your data stored online, click the link Change what Cortana knows about me in the right cloud
  • This opens a new page in the Cortana box, and at the bottom of the page in the Cortana box, click the Delete button.




This will delete all your data from Cortana. If you log in again, data entry starts immediately.

Have you deleted your data? Let’s take the comments into account.

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