How to find the dependencies of a Windows service

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Windows services are one of the most important cores of the Windows operating system. You work in the background and do a lot of work, including updating your system, executing clicks, executing background tasks, and so on. However, the different services also depend on each other and cannot function without each other. These types of services are called dependencies and are like counterparts to each other. The reason they are built as small building blocks is that they are easy to handle. Services are often interrupted, resulting in a temporary interruption. In this article we share how to find the dependencies of a Windows Service in case of a problem.

All services are easily accessible under Windows 10/8/7. You can search for them in the taskbar and get a complete list of all Windows services.

If you determine that something is wrong with the services, either manually or via an error message, you should check the Windows services list and determine if something is disabled or stopped. Sometimes components cannot start by themselves or are disabled for unknown reasons. This will also stop other services.

To check the list of dependencies for a service, follow the steps below :

  • Open Windows services and go to the Services list and select one of the services.
  • Right-click and select Properties.
  • Another window opens with details about this service. Go to the Dependencies tab
  • Here you see two things
    • A list of the services on which this service depends. (This service depends on the following system components). It means that all these services must be running for the service to start.
    • List of system components that depend on this service. (The following system components depend on this service)

To ensure that Windows services work

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All Windows services can be automatically started, disabled or started manually. In the event of a fault, it is preferable to start it automatically. We strongly recommend that you do not turn it off or put it into manual mode unless you know what you are doing. However, you can use the automatic but delayed option to ensure that they start and do not slow down the connection.

You cannot change the start mode for all services. They are controlled by the system.

    • Go to the General tab and look for the label labeled Start Type
    • Select Automatic from the drop-down menu if you wish, otherwise you can always choose between Automatic Delayed Start.

If this is the service you are having problems with, you can try stopping it completely and restarting it. You also have the possibility to stop and continue according to your needs.

The Service Manager windows also allow you to quickly stop, restart, pause and resume the program from the menu commands, or right-click.

Restart services automatically

It is possible to restart services automatically if they fail. Windows services have integrated this feature in the Restore tab . You can restart the service automatically twice. If it does not work, you can restart it, reset the counter and try again. The clever way to do this, however, would take a step to inform you of the following service errors.

Now that you know almost everything about services and you can start automatically, it will be useful in situations. However, be aware that services will not stop manually while they are running.

See this message if Windows services do not start.

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