Displaying the time of change notifications in Windows 10/8/7

Yesterday, we saw how to change the Windows cursor thickness and flashing frequency to make it more visible in the PC settings via the Usability tab. Today, we will see how to increase or decrease the time displayed for Windows 8 toast notifications in the upper right corner. Towards the end of this article, you will find links showing you how to do this for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Change the notification display time in Windows

You can enable or disable toast notifications completely in Windows 8 at any time. However, if you only want to change the display time, open the charm bar > Settings > Settings > PC Settings. Click Usability. read more

Microsoft Terms of Use – Effects of the new service contract

Block and delete any content that is proven to violate these laws. If Microsoft receives a complaint of copyright infringement from third parties or local law enforcement agencies, Microsoft may remove your content without notice to you.

Loss of access to services and data

The new Microsoft service agreement requires you to sign up for services at least once every 270 days if the service is free. This confirms that you continue to use the service. If you do not have access to the Services for 270 days, you may lose access to the Services. read more

How to use Free Stock Images from Google Drive

This year in August 2012, Google asked community members to expand the Google Drive image collection. The Internet giant asked members to submit their favourite 10 ThinkStock images. 900 photos were selected from the ideas submitted.

However, it was this week that the company announced that a huge collection of 5000 high quality free images was available for use with Google Docs & Google Drive. A new service called Stock Images has been added to Google Drive to allow users to add images to presentation slides, documents, files and spreadsheets. read more

Updating RSA Digital Certificates – 1024 bits not supported

This is the originality and authenticity of the email;

  • Outlook does not connect to the Exchange server with RSA certificates less than 1024 bits. Users see a warning that the certificate is unreliable and therefore blocked;
  • When installing products with weak RSA certificates, users receive a certificate warning that prevents them from installing the unreliable product;
  • According to Advisory, HP-UX PA-RISC System Center computers that use an RSA certificate with a 512-bit key length will generate heartbeat alerts and all computer monitoring operations will fail. An SSL certificate error is also generated with the signed certificate verification description. Click here for more information on HP UX PA RISC computers with 512-bit key length.

The Microsoft TechNet team discusses detailed FAQs and action suggestions in its blog.

The SO section 2661254 has proposed the following method to verify if you have weak digital RSA certificates.

All digital RSA certificates can be opened by double-clicking on the icon. Certification details can be found in the Details tab once you open the digital certificate. There should be a field called Public Key that displays the number of bits used by the certificate. read more

Windows 8 Create the home screen as a title image for the Facebook Timeline

Windows 8 Cover Photo Creator for Facebook is a Microsoft Facebook application that allows you to create a Windows 8 startup image for your Facebook timeline. Thanks to a post by Steve Clayton on TechNet, this fun application came from the Windows team on Facebook.

Create a Windows 8 startup screen that concerns you all. When you’re done, download it as a new cover.

Windows 8 Cover Photo Creator for Facebook

This application creates a new Facebook cover photo with different photos of your contacts, friends, photos shared with you, your tastes, and provides a photo that looks like the Windows 8 startup screen, which can be customized and then used as a cover photo on your Facebook. In other words, we make a cover photo of the Facebook timeline that says more about you. It is based on the Windows 8 startup screen. It’s very easy to use, so you can try it right away and start creating! read more

Make Disk Cleanup Tool deletes ALL temporary files, including those created within the last 7 days

Many of us still prefer the integrated disk cleaning tool. However, if you use the tool to delete unnecessary and temporary files, some files may still exist in the temporary folder. This is because by default Windows does not delete temporary files (.tmp) in the folder %WinDir%Temp and other folders created or accessed in the last 7 days.

Files may refer to something you download or modify. They may even be linked to an application that is still open. Windows plays security and does not delete temporary files that are less than 7 days old. read more

Why Windows 8 will be successful!

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s next operating system – a much anticipated version that wants to change the way people use computers. With Windows 8, Microsoft completely changes the user interface and makes it ideal for use with touchscreen devices. It drops the Start button and Start menu – native to Windows operating systems from Windows 95, and introduces an easy-to-use boot screen and tile system.

The product has not yet been placed on the market, but the debate is already ongoing. Windows 8 will be rock, Windows 8 will surpass Windows 7 or Windows 8 will be the next Vista! read more

The 3 Best Ways to Backup Facebook Data and Photos

saves all your Facebook account data.

To view the backup, log into your account with Backupify and browse the list of available backups. You can also request an export by using the link in the lower left corner of the screen while the backup is displayed. When you request an export, you will receive a zip file containing Facebook information at the email address you used to register for Backupify.

These are the three most important tools I have found useful in securing Facebook data. If you have any favorites, please let us know. read more

Why Microsoft removed the 3D pinball game, Windows Vista from

3D Pinball was one of the most popular games on any Windows XP computer. Have you ever wondered why Microsoft decided to remove it from later versions of Windows? Most speculated that the reason was legal, but it was not.

The 3D pinball was originally written for Windows 95 and had a rendering loop that painted the frames as fast as possible. However, when porting to Windows XP, Pinball’s frame rate on modern hardware (at the time) was over a million frames per second. Microsoft later added a limiter in Windows XP that limits the frame rate to 120 frames per second. This was sufficient to reduce CPU usage from 100% to 1%. read more

Access the FTP server from the Windows command prompt

Previously, we used FileZilla Client, a free FTP client for Windows that can be used to access and transfer files to your FTP server. We also saw how we could access the FTP server with NotePad++, a Notepad alternative for Windows. In this post, we will discuss how to access FTP from the command prompt.

The Windows command prompt allows access to the server via the FTP command. Once connected to your server, you can transfer files from and download files from your PC by simply using commands. I will also list some of the FTP commands that will be useful over time. read more