How to Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working

What happened when the Windows Start menu was still there? It was simple, it was cute, and it wasn’t a billion small processes and cortanas and tiles that probably contributed to it not working. The Start menu has made a welcome comeback in Windows 10, but it still tends to implode from time to time, especially the Search button, which causes all kinds of problems related to Cortana.

So if your Cortana is finished and your search is showing issues, read these corrections below.

How to repair Windows 10 Cortana Search Cortana does not work Problem read more

How to Repair: Cortana Not Working (Full Fix)

Cortana is one of the most remarkable and useful add-ons to Windows 10, but if Cortana doesn’t work, it could be very annoying and seriously affect the functionality of the system. So here are some workarounds if your PDA doesn’t work.

To date, Microsoft has not yet determined the exact reasons for this error. However, you should not worry because it is absolutely repairable. In this article, we will show you what to do if you find that Cortana does not work properly under Windows 10. read more

How to Fix PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable Error

PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) is a boot environment that allows the Intel Desktop Board to boot via a network interface instead of booting from an installed hard disk. You can enable or disable PXE startup in the BIOS.

If PXE boot is enabled in the BIOS, PXE-E61 and PXE-M0F errors can occur if both are true:

  • A bootable hard disk is not detected.
  • No network cable is connected to the Intel motherboard.

If you receive this error, we recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

Start your computer and enter your BIOS configuration. Check that the boot sequence is not configured for network boot. Make sure that your hard disk is listed in the boot sequence. Try to make your hard disk the first device in your boot order by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. read more

Fix 0x80070017 Error During Installation, Update or System Restore

One of the most frequently reported error codes 0x80070017, which is related to the installation of Windows 10. The similar error was discovered by users in previous versions of the Windows operating system. The error occurs when the user tries to install a new version of the software on the computer. The usual symptoms of error are an unclear error message that is associated with the computer’s potential failure to copy the required files that occur when the user tries to install a new version of the Windows operating system on the system. read more

What is Catalyst Control Center (CCC.exe)?

Some users came to us after discovering the ccc.exe process in the Task Manager. As it seems to take up more and more PC resources, some users rightly wonder whether the process is real or whether they should delete it from their systems.

In general, CCC in ccc.exe stands for Catalyst Control Center. This process is linked to all drivers on your ATI graphics card. I mean, it’s part of the utilities that come with the drivers and adds features like customizing your display or configuring keyboard shortcuts for different display profiles. read more

Fixing Sideways or Upside Down Screen

Turning your computer screen upside down or to the side looks like an incredible joke to scare your friends and colleagues.

Sometimes, however, you can accidentally do this while you are working on something important and have no idea how to fix it.

Well, don’t panic! It can be easily fixed.

To correct an overturned side skirt or computer screen:

Rotate your screen using the shortcut keys.

Some PCs have keyboard shortcuts that rotate the screen quickly when you press them. These are provided by Intel graphics drivers and are only enabled on some PCs. If your PC screen suddenly rotates while you press something on the keyboard, you may have accidentally triggered the keyboard shortcut. read more

How to: Hide or Remove Clock From Windows 10 Taskbar (Guide)

Like its predecessors of the past 20 years, Windows 10 displays a clock and date in the desktop taskbar, which is located by default in the lower right corner of the screen. This gives the user a convenient reference to the current date and time and allows him to click on additional information such as a monthly calendar and personalized international watches. But some users prefer a minimal desktop or use a third-party application to track time. For these users, Microsoft offers an easy way to completely remove the clock from the Windows 10 taskbar. read more

How to Reset Task Manager to Default

The Windows Task Manager lists all active programs and processes that run in your computer’s operating system. You can start and stop programs and processes, and even disconnect users connected to your computer via the Task Manager. But the application is not without problems, from the disappearance of tabs to a dialog box that changes its appearance. You can reset the Task Manager to its default settings if you encounter problems.

When you first start the Task Manager on Windows 10, it appears in a small window in Less Details mode. It keeps all the adjustments you make to the Task Manager window, such as switching to detail mode, window size, column size, sort order, and so on. If you want to restore the default view of the Task Manager mini mode, you must reset all Task Manager settings. By resetting the Task Manager settings, it returns to the default settings. read more

How to Remove Virus When Your Computer Won’t Boot

So you have contracted a virus that has taken over your computer and you can’t even start to try to solve the problem. Signs of a PC potentially infected with malware: slower than normal performance, the recent appearance of many pop-up windows and other strange problems. It is possible that your system has been infected with a virus, spyware or other malicious virus – even if you have installed an antivirus program. Yes, unusual behavior is sometimes the result of hardware problems, but it is best to remove malware first if your PC is performing well. read more

Fix Webcam is Being Used by Another Application Error

You feel like you’re using Skype, and if you go with someone to a video, something went wrong and your Skype webcam is currently being used by another application under Windows 10. You cannot use the camera on your PC.

When running Windows camera applications, it is very important that you discover which application your webcam uses. You can see that sometimes the webcam is not only used by other programs, but that it is also disconnected under Windows 10.

For your camera used by another application problem, this article will mainly help you solve this problem by checking your webcam settings, updating the webcam driver, removing unwanted third-party antivirus software and reinstalling the Skype application. read more