Chat: Free Chat App and Live Chat Widget for websites

For a website visitor, it is frustrating enough to think that you have questions about a contribution within the website, but you can’t find methods to ask the website owner, except to comment in the mentioned contribution. The waiting process is uncertain because site owners may even take days to respond unless they monitor their sites 24 hours a day. But readers are not the only ones suffering from the website’s inability to communicate directly with its readers – because they end up providing poor customer service. Landowners will also face traffic losses. A simple way to solve this problem is to set up a live chat function on the website – and Chatwing has the ideal tool for that. read more

Dangers and consequences of oversharing in social media

Do you like getting in trouble? Although no one does, they do get in trouble. You’re doing it unintentionally – by over-publishing it on social media pages. This article focuses on over-sharing issues on social media sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. We also talk about websites and special applications designed to raise awareness of invitation issues through social media.

The three websites we are talking about in this article are highly addictive – Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter – to such an extent that they are considered the new opium of the masses! They offer a way to share things that have to do with your life and at the same time a method to express your emotions. read more

Windows 0x800F081F update error on Windows 8.1

This article describes how to correct the Windows Update Error 0x800F081F in Windows 8.1 with the built-in DISM or CheckSUR tool to replace damaged or missing Windows Update files with the System Update and Readiness Tool or CheckSUR tool. This built-in tool scans your Windows computer for inconsistencies that can be caused by various hardware errors or software problems and can correct them. In case of system inconsistency and corruption, you can use the DISM (Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management) tool to update files and resolve the problem. read more

OneNote Windows Store App, receives Radial menu, OCR, camera scan and more

Many users know that two useful desktop applications designed specifically for Windows 8 are Lync and OneNote. The OneNote application, which you can download from the Windows store, not only helps you enter notes, but also offers many features such as camera scanning, optical character recognition and charm sharing.

You may have noticed that Microsoft has abolished traditional menus and toolbars. They no longer appear in the OneNote Windows Store App application. Instead, you will find an application bar that appears when you right-click. To complete the application bar, the software giant has introduced a unique feature called Radial Menu. read more

Windows at Mobile World Congress 2014 –Roundup

This year’s Mobile World Congress was a site with a wide range of high-end smartphone ads, starting with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 on Nokia X, an Android-based smartphone. Nokia’s decision was clearly perceived as a deviation from the protocol, especially after the software giant’s acquisition of Microsoft. Reactions to the products ranged from impressive to very skeptical, of course.

Mobile World Congress 2014

What delayed Microsoft is a new action plan of the Finnish giant to increase acceptance of Windows Phone and to extend the security of other vendors like Lenovo, LG and Foxconn who were ready to equip their future products with the Windows Phone and Windows Phone operating system worldwide. read more

Guide for parents on how to avoid vamping in teenagers

The word vamping is associated with many fields, in particular music. Last domain being the Internet, the meaning of vamping is the habit of staying up late at night to stay in touch with their friends on social networks and phones, thus depriving oneself of sleep. More precisely, the term Vamping comes from teenagers,’Virtual Camping’ online until late at night, with online friends – like vampires!

What is adolescent vamping

To simplify, vamping is an act where :

  1. A person stays in contact with friends until late at night on AND
  2. Reduced sleep AND

It can be said that a person’s habit of using social networks late at night causes a lack of sleep. read more

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics tests your network connection

Sometimes the wireless router and dongle we use to connect to the Internet works like a useless pile of plastic bodies. No matter how hard you try to connect, the device will simply not respond to your request. In such circumstances, it becomes difficult to identify, isolate and solve the problem if you do not have a good diagnostic tool.

Fortunately, if you are a Chrome user, there is an easy way out! Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics could be exactly the application you are looking for. The Chrome extension is a fast and easy network testing and troubleshooting tool for Chrome and ChromeOS. People find it of little use to install it when the full power of the Internet flows freely. However, you can realize your true potential if you have connectivity problems. read more

Possible BYOD errors, BYOD solutions and How to deal with them

you’re not responsible.

#5 Liability for illegal use

We discussed the benefits of BYOD in a previous article. There should be a clear policy that leaves the organization free if the employee uses their device for illegal downloads, etc.

#6 Forget upgrades

It is a known fact that technology is constantly evolving. Consequently, your IT department must make its applications and other things compatible with new technologies for smooth and protected processes. The hardware and operating system of mobile devices may also be obsolete, so organizational applications can no longer work properly on existing devices. read more

How to find it difficult to find special HTML symbols online

Designing pages for a website is easy, but sometimes when an author wants to use certain symbols that are not on his computer, that is when things get a little sticky. Well, this should no longer be the case for a website called RapidTables.

First of all, it should be stressed that some writing platforms already contain a multitude of special characters, but it is possible that some symbols do not appear on the list and that the user must therefore locate them through a third party provider. For example, WordPress has a special icon in the toolbar, but the list is limited so that a page like RapidTables can make life easier. read more

Download popular instagram photos in Dropbox or Google Drive

However, there is no way to download or save images directly to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. At some point, we want to save the images we like, but because of the unavailability of features, most people can’t do it.

This solution facilitates saving instagram photos because it is done with IFTT, which refers to If This Then That. This is an automated service that can perform various tasks as required.

We have already seen how to automatically upload Instagram photos to SkyDrive with IFTT. Now let’s see how to upload Liked Instagram photos to Dropbox or Google Drive. read more