Add security questions to reset the password for the local Windows 10 account

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Windows 10 offers you password protected accounts like any other operating system. This security measure ensures that your files and account information are protected from others. What if you forgot your password? How can you restore your account? There is no way to bypass a Windows login screen without the correct credentials. This is where recovery options become important. This Windows 10 guide describes how to add a security question to reset the local Windows 10 account password.

If you are using a Windows account associated with your Microsoft account, you can restore the Microsoft account password at any time directly from the login screen, but a confirmation request is required to reset the local Windows 10 account password. This feature has been introduced in Windows 10 v1803.

Reset password for local Windows 10 account using security questions

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When creating a local account for Windows 10, it is imperative to ask some security questions. You will often forget it, and if you forget your password, it will be too difficult to recover it without it. On the one hand, it’s a good idea to keep the answers you remember, but since the Windows 10 security question is too obvious, anyone who knows you can answer it in your absence.

So it would be a good idea to update your security question while remembering your password.

Go to Settings > Account > Your Information > Login Options . Click Update Security Issues.

You will receive a list of questions, but you must enter the current password to confirm your account. You can then select the same question that was selected previously and enter answers that you remember.

Please note that you must do this for three questions. Write the answers down in a safe place.

If it is a local account not administrator, the user can change the secret question in the presence of the administrator. This may sound strange, but I tried a local account and they asked me the PIN of the administrator account. Be aware of this and call your administrator before changing it.

Add security questions to reset the local Windows 10 password

On the login screen, first enter the password you remember. If it is incorrect, you will receive a link directly under the password field with the Reset Password label. Click on it.

The secret question retrieval screen opens, where you can enter the answers you remember. Enter the correct passwords and you can choose a new password for your local Windows 10 account.

At the bottom of the security question screen, you have another way to reset. This is a password reset diskette that you can use once you have created it for your account.

The answers to security questions must be known before you forget your password. If you have forgotten it and do not have a password reset diskette or password hint, read this article on Windows Password Recovery for more suggestions.

You can also try a free password recovery tool like Ophcrack. You do not need to access Windows to recover your lost passwords. Download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and boot to the CD. It then finds the Windows user accounts. There are also as Cain & Abel, John The Ripper or PC Login Now. Recovering my Home Free password allows you to easily reset the Windows password. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor allows you to recover the Windows administrator password with the Password & Registry editor.

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