Time and language settings under Windows 10 PC

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Time and language settings in Windows 10 allow you to set or change the date, time, region, language and language settings of your system. We have already reviewed Windows 10 customization settings, network and Internet privacy settings, and update and security settings. In this article, we show you how to manually set or change the date and time, language and language on your Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 Time and language settings

Open the Settings application and click Time and language to change the settings on your PC and get the windows below.

You can also click Clock in the lower right corner of your taskbar and click Date and Time Settings.

Date and time

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The settings are quite simple, since the main view offers everything. You can set the automatic setting time or change it manually. Remember to select your time zone according to the country in which you live.

Although disabled in the image above, you can enable it Automatic daylight saving time setting. In most European countries, local time is shifted by one hour in spring and one hour in autumn. This happens in March or April and ends in October or November. This practice is called summer time.

Power off Set the time automatically and you can manually change the time and date using the following setting field, which opens when you set it to’Off’. However, it is always recommended to set the time automatically.

In Windows 10, you can also change the date and time formats. Scroll down and click’Change date and time formats’ and here you can choose the day your week should start, whether it is Sunday, Monday or another day of the week. You can also choose the long or short format of the date and time. The additional date, time and region settings take you to the Control Panel, where you can change the language, region, date and time of your PC in the classic way that you used in previous versions of Windows.

If you want to see two different watches for two different countries and time zones, you can configure several watches. Click Add clocks for different time zones.

This opens a small new window in which you can set a new clock for a different zone and time zone on your PC. I chose an alternative watch with the Singapore time zone and my taskbar now displays two watches, one from the Indian time zone and the other from the Singapore time zone.

Region & Language

This is a fairly simple setting window where you just have to select your country or region to get the local content.

You can also add a new language by simply clicking Add Language. Click any language and set it as the default language. You can also download the basic spelling of the selected language or add a new keyboard by simply clicking Options.

In this section, you can adjust the language settings of your PC. Select the language your PC speaks, select the tempo (speed) of the language and the default voice of your PC. Windows 10 offers Microsoft Mark Mobile (one male voice) and Microsoft Zira Mobile (one female voice). You can also preview your voice before making your selection.

On the Microphone tab, you can check the voice recognition of the microphone. Simply click Get Started and follow the instructions to set up your microphone.

This allows you to change or adjust the time, date, language and language settings of your Windows 10 PC.

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