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The complete 130 Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients for Gimp!, thats right everyone, SGlider12 has took the courage,time and effort to re-create the original 130 Ultimate Web 2.0 styles form Photoshop by deziner folio to the Awesome Program we all love “The Gimp”.

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inside the zip you will find the Xcf gimp source file with each gradient and its name in the layer.

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How to install

Windows: to install these gradients place them inside the gradients folder for example if you installed gimp in drive C: then this is how the path would look

C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\gradients

Mac install path: ~ (Hard Drive)> Applications> GIMP (Right click the icon and hit ‘Show Package Contents)> Contents> Resources (From here it is same as Windows…)> Share> Gimp> 2.0> Gradients>

Ubuntu: open terminal in directory with downloaded file.
and type:
sudo mv gradients/* /usr/share/gimp/2.0/gradients/

then you can delete extracted files as well as .zip file

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thanks to SGlider12 for all the hard work.

30 Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles for Gimp

After moving from Photoshop i wanted to be able to use the Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles in Gimp,So i got my self to re-create 30 of them. hopefully you will enjoy as much as i did .

With these pre-made Gradients you can easily make Cool web 2.0 headers, backgrounds, button, and almost any web based designs will always need some nice gradient affect to it and instead of creating them using multiple layers all you need is to use the Gradient fill tool to apply the effects.
feedback is appreciated:)Here are the names of the 30 Styles.

Install Instructions
to install, unzip and place all the gradient files into

Special thanks goes to Navdeep and Naveen

Creative Commons License


FX-Foundry RELEASE INFO 14.NOV.2007
This Package lot has 44 (Updated to 99) Scripts with over 80 different Filters. its a must have for any gimp users!.Filters rang from digital image enhancers like Auto contrast correction,Smart sharpen, Noise reduction to effects like Emboss, Add frame,Add bevel Border, Blur Edge,Add border, Inner Glow, Outer glow, and a whole lot of other filters in this package.with over 80 different Filters. its a must have for any gimp user!
To get them installed in windows unzip the package and copy all the files into the script folder
D:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts
All Scripts are licensed under GPL license,

Download Latest Version Of GIMP

Downloads Details:

Download the most recent stable version of Gimp .

Mac style Wallpaper for Ubuntu

Downloads Details:
ubtunu wallpaper
This is the outcome of the Mac style wallpaper tutorial done in gimp, the zip includes the wallpaper in PNG format in the resolutions below:
ubtunu wallpaper
A light toned version of this wallpaper is now available for download,resolution: