Fixing 0xe06d7363 Windows Exception Error

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The 0xe06d7363 error is one of the many Windows errors that can be very confusing. This is due to the different messages it presents. Some of the many messages you can get with the error are “GetLastError()”, “GetExceptionInformation(), “GetExceptionCode(), and “DLL SqlSpatial.dll’ HRESULT exception 0xe06d7363 cannot load”. The last message when frequently associated with Microsoft.SqlServers.

0xe06d7363 error

When you call the Win32 Structured Exception Handling (SEH) APIs such as GetExceptionCode() and GetExceptionInformation(), the system sometimes reports the following exception code: 0xE06D7363

Sometimes GetLastError() also returns this value. This exception code is used for any error launched by the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler when “throw” is called.

The error 0xe06d7363 can occur for several reasons. Damaged, corrupted or missing files in the registry are the main reasons why the error can occur. Another reason is that system files are not configured correctly, which leads them to corrupt system files in applications. They can also affect hardware devices.

All exceptions generated in code in the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler contain this error. As this error is generated by the compiler, the code is not listed in the Win32 API header files. This code is a cryptic device, with’e’ as an exception, while the last 3 bytes are ASCII values’msc’.

Delete unnecessary files

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  1. Cumulative unnecessary files with active threats can cause many errors, including the 0xe06d7363 error. Deleting all unnecessary files can be an easy way to correct the error.
  2. Press the combination of Win + X to open the menu.
  3. Select the option “Command prompt (Admin)”.
  4. Click Yes to run the command prompt as an administrator.

Enter “cleanmgr” before pressing Enter.

5. the tool starts automatically. It calculates the disk space you can use. Enable all dialog boxes that are occupied by unnecessary files, including the Temporary Files dialog box.

Click OK to have the tool delete all unnecessary files. Perform the action you performed before the error occurred to see if the error is corrected or not.

Perform a clean boot


This error can be corrected by a flawless start-up process. Before starting, you must paralyze all external administrations so that they are not stacked the next time they start. After the steps, continue under the stairs.

>Touch the task bar on the right and select “Task Manager”.

>Select “More details”, then select the Start tab.

>You can then disable all applications that continue to run during the boot process.

>Select the application, then press the alternative to disable it.

Then you must stop the third-party service from running on your system.

stop running the third party service

  • Press Windows + R to access the Run window.
  • Type “msconfig” and click on OK. A new window opens with the system configuration settings.
  • Select the Services tab, select “Hide Windows Services” to avoid accidentally disabling them. Disable all third-party services. Make it clear that you are not disabling Windows services.

Cancel system changes with System Restore

system restore1

If a recently installed third-party program is responsible for the exception error 0xe06d7363, the System Restore tool can solve the problem. System Restore deletes all software you have added to Windows after a restore point and cancels system changes. You can probably restore Windows at a time when you did not receive a 0xe06d7363 software error.

  • Open System Recovery by typing “Recovery Point” in the Cortana search box.
  • Click Create Restore Point to open the Control Panel tab, which contains a System Restore button.

The Windows 0xe06d7363 error, which persists after all the above methods and system recovery have not been resolved, is usually a sign of a serious integrity problem with your computer system. The only solution is to reinstall the Windows operating system to start with a hard disk and clean files.

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