Google Chrome Tips and Tricks for Windows Users

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Calculations in Chrome Omnibox

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The Chrome Omnibox is not only the address bar, but also serves as a basic computer. Instead of watching Google Calculator or Wolfram Alpha, simply enter the basic calculation in the Omnibox and in the car suggestions, you can see the result. It’s really a chrome tip that saves time. You can also convert units just as easily.

    Save a web page in PDF format with Chrome

If you want to save a web page in PDF format, it is not necessary to download additional software. Simply open the web page in Chrome and press CTRL+P on your keyboard to open the Print dialog box. To remove the password from the PDF file, simply change the print destination to save in PDF format as described in Tip.3. Simply click Save and your desired website will be saved in PDF format.

8th version cache of a website with Chrome display

Google Chrome regularly creates the cache version of each web page. If you have a problem with your Internet speed and need a lot of time to load a single web page, displaying the cached version of the web page is convenient. Enter cache: Web site in the Chrome address bar and press Enter. You can see the latest cached version of this particular website.

9th option Do not follow in chrome

As we already know, Google Chrome has the information of every website you visit, and that’s why you can see ads of your interest. We can enable the’Don’t track’ option in Chrome if you don’t want your information sent to Google. To do this, click the menu button in the upper right corner of the toolbar and select Settings.

Go to the bottom of the page and click Show Advanced Settings.

Under Privacy, check the box next to Send a’Do not track’ request with your browser traffic and click OK.

Take notes in Google Chrome

Now you no longer need to install notes in your Google Chrome browser. Simply copy and paste data:text/html,into the address bar of Chrome and Enter. Now you can see that the whole window under this tab is editable. Position the cursor and start typing. Isn’t that exciting?

These are some of the best tips and tricks to save time and something incredible. If you need more, you can always use the Chrome flag settings.

These tips for using the Inspect element of Google Chrome may also interest some of you. Would you like your Chrome to perform better? Speed up the Google Chrome browser with these tips!

Do you need more? Take a look at these articles :

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Passwords Disable notifications

  • How to reload the cache in the Chrome browser
  • The Chrome browser uses less memory
  • Open and use the Chrome Task Manager
  • Copy and paste plain text into Chrome
  • Open the Google Chrome Settings menu in a separate window.


If you know of any other interesting and useful tips and tricks on chrome, please let us know. ough comments.

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