How To: Change the Case of Text in Word and Google Docs

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We are slowly moving towards the online platform, and Google Docs is one of the best ways to write documents online and send them effortlessly by email or other means. But we all used Microsoft Word in the early days, and we still use it from time to time, but there’s no doubt that Google Docs is one of the most convenient ways to write documents from an existing platform. Although Google Docs is one of the best online alternatives to Microsoft Word and offers almost all the important features of Microsoft Word and most other offline editing programs, it still lacks some features.

We don’t need all the premium features available in Microsoft Word, but there are some features missing in Google Docs that might be useful at some point when using Google Docs. One of them is the ability to change the case of text in a document you write. For example, if everything is in uppercase, you can use the “Change Case” feature to change the case of a sentence, which means that the first letter of the word in a sentence is in uppercase, and so on. Changing upper and lower case in Microsoft Word is easy and can be done with a single click, but this feature is not natively available in Google Docs. However, you can easily change the case in Google Docs with an add-on.

Without further ado, let’s start with how you can automatically change the case in Google Docs with just a few clicks.

Changing Text Case with a Google Docs Feature

To edit the text in a Docs document, start your browser, open a Google Docs document and select the text you want to edit.

On the toolbar, click Format > Text > Caps and select the type of capitalization you want from the list. You can select the following types of case sensitivity:

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  • Lowercase: Makes each letter of the selected text lowercase.
  • Upper-case – Makes each letter of the selected text capitalized.
  • Title Case – Makes the first letter of each word capitalized.

In this example, everything must be written in uppercase. Click on “CAPITALS” in the list.

The selected text will now be replaced by all uppercase letters.

Change Text Case with a Google Docs Add-on

Google Docs is a useful online Word program, but it is not Microsoft Word and it lacks some key features you might expect from such an application. Don’t worry, you can easily add them.

Fortunately, Google Docs is extensible, and by installing add-ons, you can add features that are missing from the basic web application. What you get are pure functions and features, just the basics. To be honest, that’s probably all most people use, but sometimes you might wish it had this or that feature of Word. Here, for example, is one key feature you might want to add.

The following steps have been written using the “Change Case” add-on mentioned above. If you have made a different choice, the instructions should be similar.

  • Select the text you wish to change.
  • Click Add-ons, then click Change Case.
  • Select All Upper Case, All Lower Case, Upper Case First Letter, Reverse Upper and Lower Case, Sentence or Title as required.

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