How to Repair Sims 4 Video Card Error

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Sims 4 is a life simulator game developed by EA and one of the most popular games in its genre. Sims had an unstable audience: from excessive popularity to bad game. However, at some point in the game play thousands of Sims 4 players.

Although it is one of the major games that EA has ever released, it seems that Sims 4 has some problems. One of the problems that worries many people is the “video card bug” that they encounter when trying to start the game or at any stage. This article explains all possible causes of this problem and how to solve them.

However, when trying to play The Sims 4, a video card error appears:

“The Sims 4 cannot work with a graphic card in this system. Make sure that the graphics card meets minimum specifications and that the latest graphics drivers are installed”.

There are several reasons for this error:

  • Problem with Origin in the game
  • Your graphics drivers are outdated
  • You have a system with two video cards
  • Your card does not meet the minimum requirements of the game

Disable Origin in game

The feature of Origin is the so-called Origin in the game. You can communicate with friends in the game, broadcast your game or access the Internet browser.

Unfortunately, this feature can also cause problems. Therefore, when troubleshooting the game it may be important to turn off Origin in the game.

You can disable it for all games or only for a specific game.

Fully disable Origin in the game

  • Open Origin
  • Click Origin – Application Settings – Origin games.
  • Set the switch to “off”.

Disable Origin in the game for a specific game.

  • Open Origin
  • Click My Game Library
  • Right-click the game for which you want to disable Origin in the game.
  • Select the game properties
  • Uncheck the box with the option Enable origin in the game to …

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Use the Origin Repair Option

  • Open the game client Origin.
  • Then click on “My Games”.
  • Right-click on Sims 4 to open the context menu.
  • Then choose the point of the context menu “Restore the game”.

Run Sims 4 in compatibility mode

  • Right-click the Sims 4 shortcut or exe file and select Properties.
  • Select the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Click Run this program in compatibility mode for the option.
  • Then select Windows 8 from the Operating System drop-down menu.
  • Select the Apply option to save your settings.
  • Click OK to close the window.

Run in Windowed Mode

As mentioned in the reasons, there are cases when Sims 4 does not work in full screen mode. This may be due to internal parameters or an external factor that cannot be determined. Usually after such a bizarre script Sims 4 releases an update that fixes the problem. During the patch installation you can try to run the game in window mode and see if it works. We met many examples when the problem was completely solved.

Here we will look at how to run the game in window mode using the GeForce Experience application.

  • Start the GeForce Experience application and find Sims 4 in the list of games.
  • Now find the wrench icon that allows users to access custom settings. Click here.
  • Now change the display mode to a window and decrease the resolution. Save the changes and exit.
  • Reboot your computer and see if the problem is solved.

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