How to Schedule a Meeting on Microsoft Teams

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If you use Microsoft Teams for real-time messaging and collaboration with your colleagues, there are many ways to schedule meetings, but the easiest way is to perform the task in the application.

When you use Teams applications to schedule a business meeting, you can choose a channel that the entire team can join, or you can invite people individually. You can use the scheduling wizard, which displays the availability of all attendees and helps you find the right time for everyone. When you schedule the meeting, a message also appears under “Messages” in the selected channel, and the agenda, content, notes, and recordings are all entered in the channel.

Specify the Type of Meeting

Flexibility is at the heart of Microsoft’s collaboration solutions – and that certainly applies to the types of meetings you can hold within Microsoft teams. There are three different types of meetings:

Ad hoc meetings. In any Microsoft team conversation, you can click the “Meet Now” button to immediately start a meeting with participants. Ad hoc meetings are useful when you realize that everyone is meeting and needs to discuss something now, rather than continuing to send two-way chat messages.

Private meetings. Private meetings allow you to meet face-to-face with specific employees or colleagues to get in touch with them or to discuss potentially privileged information.

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Channel meetings. Entire channels can be selected for scheduled meetings with all participants. All members of the channel can participate in the meetings, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Schedule a meeting on Microsoft Teams Desktop

There are several ways to plan a team meeting:

  • Select the Schedule a meeting Schedule a meeting Schedule a meeting in chat (below the field where you enter a new message) to book a meeting with the people in the chat.
  • Go to the “Schedule Meetings” button on the left side of the application and choose “New Meeting” in the upper right corner.
  • Select a time slot in the calendar. A schedule form will open.
  • On the schedule form, you can give a title to your meeting, invite people and add details about the meeting. Use the Schedule Wizard to find a schedule that suits everyone.
  • When you have finished filling in the details, choose “Save”. This closes the schedule form and sends an invitation to everyone’s Outlook inbox.

How to Meet Now in Microsoft Teams

If you want to “meet now” with Microsoft teams, you are probably looking for the fastest way to get everyone talking in a channel.

  • Simply select the small camera icon in a new or existing conversation.
  • In the video preview, enter a name for your meeting and click “Meet Now”.
  • Click on the names of the people you want to invite to your meeting.
  • You can also enter phone numbers if you want to invite people from outside your organization to the discussion.
  • To join a meeting using the “Meet Now” feature, find the camera icon in a conversation and click “Jump In”.
  • If you want to share a screen during your meeting, click on the screen icon to show your screen to your callers.
  • The elliptical icon gives you additional controls during the meeting, including the ability to record the meeting and have it emailed to you.

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