Kaspersky Password Manager Review and Free Download

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Creating different passwords for all your accounts is difficult and memorizing is almost impossible unless you use a password manager. With the increase in cyber attacks, it is always advisable to have a single strong password for all your accounts, but on the other hand, it is very difficult to remember all these passwords. Password managers are used here.

Password Manager are programs that store your login information for all your accounts and encrypt them with a master password. So, if you use a password manager, you only have one master password to remember. Kaspersky, one of the most trusted names in online security, now has its own password manager.

Kaspersky Password Manager

This password manager has a very simple and user-friendly interface and takes less than a minute to download and install on your PC. It stores all your passwords, credit card details and addresses and encrypts them all under one master password. Please note that this master password cannot be recovered if you forget it – so it is advisable to save this master password very carefully. Kaspersky Password Manager synchronizes all your credentials via your Android/iOS devices and PC.

To use this program, you must first create an account with Kaspersky. Once logged in, you can choose the web browser you want to connect to your Kaspersky account. The integrated password managers of these browsers are then disabled to avoid any type of conflicts.

Just like browser password managers, Kaspersky Password Manager collects your login information when you connect to a website and stores it so you can quickly connect to your favorite websites. Kaspersky Password Manager is absolutely secure and stores all your encrypted login data in a secure vault.

This is not only a password manager, but also a password generator. This program not only stores your existing passwords, but also helps you create strong and unique passwords for each website with which you have an account. You can create a password only on your PC, but you can access it from any of your devices synchronized with your Kaspersky account.

Add your favorite accounts

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To quickly access frequently used accounts and identities, add them to your favorites. Simply click on the Favorites tab in the left pane and add your favorite websites, applications and identities.

You must provide the URL of your preferred web pages and access information such as user name and password. Check box Auto Logon if you want your accounts to log in automatically.

Application section

This section lists all applications and your credentials. Here you can add, modify or delete applications. Click Applications on the left side and enter the required data to add an application account to Kaspersky Password Manager.
Click the 3-point button to open a context menu in which you can add an account name or link an account to another account.

You can also easily delete or modify the added applications. Simply select the application in the left bar and select the desired option.

Manage Identities

Kaspersky Password Manager can also store and manage your personal information and help you quickly complete web forms. To use this function, you must first add your identity to the correct data. With each new identity, he becomes

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