Send large files online free of charge, quickly and securely with WireOver

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Sending large attachments by e-mail is often problematic, as most common e-mail servers refuse to accept attachments larger than 10 MB. While Yahoo and Gmail limit attachment sizes to 20 MB and 25 MB, this only works if you send it to Yahoo or Gmail users. As soon as the email leaves the Yahoo or Gmail server, the receiving server rejects attachments larger than 10 MB. Even if you want to send a video file of a complete photo album, the email will not be accepted. Each email service has its own size limits, but most are configured to accept no more than 10 MB of attachments.

Send large files online quickly and free of charge

Fortunately, there are many free services that can help you overcome these limitations. For example, with WireOver you can transfer large files to your email contacts without limiting the size of files to send. This is a private P2P program without central storage that helps you send terabytes of data to your contacts.

WireOver is a fast and easy desktop application that helps you send and receive files. You can transfer files of any size and end-to-end encryption ensures secure transmission. End-to-end encryption is the best security feature you can have. It ensures that only your recipient can access the files you send. A unique and temporary encryption key is used for each file transfer.

WireOver runs on Windows, Mac and Linus and you can transfer files over your local network and the Internet. The free software is also equipped with an automatic resume option, meaning that if your Internet connection is interrupted, transmission is automatically resumed.

WireOver Report

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After downloading and installing WireOver on your Windows PC, you must register your email address. The program will send you an e-mail with a confirmation link. To send files, you can either select the files manually or use drag and drop.

To send files manually, right-click the files->Select WireOver from the Windows Shell menu ->Enter recipient email address. I used the drag and drop method

To try freeware, I first sent some 137 MB of my Gmail ID to the Hotmail ID. As soon as I entered the recipient’s email address, I received a notification in my Hotmail account. I have the choice to accept or reject the attachment.

Once I clicked the’Accept’ button, the files started downloading to my PC. The transfer speed depends on the Internet connection and fortunately my ISP offers enough speed for me to download the 137 MB in a few seconds. Already after a few seconds of downloading, I received the delivery report in my Gmail login.

The program also allows you to add a personal message with files you send via WireOver. An obvious point is that the recipient can only receive the files if he has a WireOver receiver on his system.

The’Downloads’ folder on your’C’ drive is the default download location for the program, but you can still select the download folder for files you receive via WireOver-.

Click the WireOver->Go to’Settings’->Change folder

As we know, every good thing has flaws >I want developers to change something about WireOver. For example,

  • Data encryption is only available for paid versions (updates).
  • The notification email in the recipient’s inbox should include details such as file type, extension and file size.

Overall, WireOver is a wonderful program, and I would highly recommend it to my readers. I work online and’WireOver’ is a fabulous tool that helps me send large files to my customers. This tool is also very useful for employees such as web developers, graphic designers and video professionals, who often have to transfer large files via email.

WireOver free download

Download it here and let us know if you like it.

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