Windows 8 Shutdown or Restart – 10 different ways to do it

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Looking for information about closing Windows 8? Well, the first time I installed Windows 8, it was a frustrating attempt to find the Windows 8 shutdown or restart button. To be honest, I never thought I should write about how to close Windows, but as I see the number of questions about it, I list a few ways to turn off or restart your Windows 8 computer.

UPDATE : Windows 8.1 users can now stop, restart, sleep, and hibernate Windows 8.1 from the WinX Power menu.

Windows 8.1 Update adds the option to close Windows 8.1 from the Startup screen as shown below

Windows 8 Shutdown

Microsoft provided the Stop and Restart buttons for Windows 8 under Settings in the Charms panel. To display the charm bar, press Win+C to open the charms, then click Settings. You can also press Win+I to open the settings directly.

Clicking the Turn On button displays options for turning the Windows 8 computer off, on or off.

Create restart shortcuts or tiles in Windows 8

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If you think it’s too many clicks for an activity you do frequently, you can simply create a shortcut to stop or restart your Windows 8 desktop and give it a nice icon. To find out how, click here . Once the shortcut is created, you can drag and drop it to the taskbar.

You can also right-click the desktop shortcuts and select Send at startup. The shortcut appears as a tile on the Windows 8 start screen.

To create a stop, restart, etc., you can also use our free Handy Shortcuts tool, with which you can create such shortcuts in one click – with your own icon!

Stop or restart Windows 8 with HotKey

You want to be assigned to the action. This automatically appears in the.span>/span>

Click Apply/OK.

Open the Windows 8 Shutdown dialog box.

On your desktop, click Alt+F4 to open the Stop dialog box. This field gives you quick access to Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Hibernate, User Switch and Logout from your Windows 8 computer. You can also dialog .

Stop using the keyboard

It was easier to close Windows 7 and Windows Vista using the keyboard. But it’s not that easy – or rather, it’s cumbersome to use the keyboard to turn off Windows 8. Well, you must first press Win+I to open the settings, then press the space bar, press the up arrow twice, then press Enter to turn off your Windows 8 computer. But hey – it’s a way!

Close Windows 8 from the taskbar

One quick way to stop or restart Windows 8 would be to use our free HotShut tool . This lightweight, portable tool quietly sits in your taskbar and gives you options to turn off, restart, lock and disconnect. You can also set it to start with Windows 8.

You can use the power options in the Control Panel to specify what you want the power button to do when you press it or what you need to do when you close your laptop cover.

Stop Windows 8 at the command prompt or Run

Geeks can know that they are using this type of Windows operating system shutdown or reboot by using the shutdown options in a command prompt. For example, if you opened the command prompt, t o Stop PC type and restart PC type stop / r and press Enter.

You can exit Windows 8 or any other version with Run. Open Run, type shutdown -s -t 0 and press Enter.

Stopping or restarting Windows 8 from the context menu

Fellow MVP, Shyam reminds me that there is a ninth way to stop or restart your Windows 8 computer. This is done by editing the registry to add these options to your desktop context menu.

But instead of touching your Windows registry, we recommend you use our free portable application Right Click Extender to quickly and easily add these items to your context menu. This tool also works under Windows 8 ! You can also easily add or view any folder in that PC or computer folder with our Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.

With Ctrl+Alt+Del

And finally, how to forget the one that is popular with some. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and on the screen that appears, you will see the options Stop, Restart and Sleep from the button that appears at the bottom right. Thank you for reminding me of this opportunity, Anup.

Did I miss anything? 🙂

See also TechNet PowerShell scripts to create Windows 8 shutdown, restart, logoff, switch user, hibernation tiles. You may also be interested in how to close Metro applications under Windows 8.

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