Review of Tomahawk – The Ultimate Social Media Player

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The advantage of adding friends to Tomahawk is that you can not only see what they have heard, but also create playlists based on their collections.

Once you have the playlist, you can ask Tomahawk to play the music for you. If your friends’ computer is not available, Tomahawk uses one of the resolvers to play the same music through music sharing websites.

This means that once your copy of Tomahawk has created a list of your friends’ music collections (probably using the headers of the audio files), you can listen to them even if your friends are not online – thanks to’resolvers’ like YouTube, SoundCloud and 4Shared.

On a scale of 5 to 1, I would rate Tomahawk’s ability to share music with friends and through music sharing websites as 4.

Tomahawk Review – Other Options

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If you want to listen to music without telling your friends what you hear, you can click on the Controls menu and select Lists Privately. This setting prevents Tomahawk from publicly displaying what you hear.

If you want to show your friends offline, Tomahawk also has this option. To do this, select Go Offline from the Network menu. When you select this menu, your name will appear as offline in your friends’ Tomahawk copy.

The Global Search option in the top left corner of Tomahawk allows you to search for music using keywords. Keywords can be the track name or the artist name. If you are looking for something, Tomahawk will look first for your local collection and then for your friends’ music collections. All’resolvers’ are searched for the search term and the search results are displayed in the right part of Tomahawk. To listen to the music, simply double-click on the items displayed in the right window. You can also save the search results as a playlist. Note that whenever you listen to music that is not on your computer, Tomahawk downloads it from resolvers or music sharing websites. This means that you will have to bear download costs.

The configuration of resolvers is also easy. In the Settings menu, select option Configure Tomahawk. In the dialog box that appears, click Resolver. In the list of options displayed in the resolution dialog box, click the check mark and add the music sharing pages as resolvers. You can also select music recovery options on YouTube (high, medium and low) based on your bandwidth.

Also note that playing Tomahawk can result in high bandwidth usage and you may incur costs whenever you download songs that are not available on your computer. But these costs are much lower than buying music albums. Moreover, without sharing, Tomahawk would not be Tomahawk – the ultimate social media player.

Copyright and Ethics – Tomahawk Streaming Music Review

This is one of the most discussed topics. Is it fair to share music on the Internet? Since you don’t really download the tracks to your local computer to use or send later, this may be fair. On the other hand, do musicians suffer a loss when they use Tomahawk to listen to shared music? YouTube is known for pirated music and video, as well as SoundCloud.

While researching copyright issues with Tomahawk, I found some interesting comments on the Internet. I share one of those comments with you.

From what I collect Tomahawk, music simply goes through a legal department, which means the royalties are paid. ose legit services. Unless the music is on your local records, of course. YouTube, Spotify, etc. all royalties for music that is played, it is not shared between users, Tomahawk simply finds a song in a music service and plays it

The above comment sounds good, but do YouTube and/or SoundCloud really pay royalties to music creators for all pirated music that has been downloaded to their sites? I doubt that. Or is Tomahawk only looking for music marked as original? There is nothing on the Internet to counteract this doubt.

Here is what the legal section of the Tomahawk website says about the copyright section –

The team that develops Tomahawk comes from all over the world and has a variety of local laws governing copyright and intellectual property. To our knowledge, it is legal in any country to stream your personal files from a computer you own or control to any computer you are on, and that is our primary goal.

If you broadcast beyond yourself, you must comply with the laws of your country of residence. In many countries, streaming to everyone is perfectly legal unless there is a way (which Tomahawk does not offer) to store the broadcast content in a file, in the same way as Internet radio.

If you can access music for free, why should you pay and buy it? My research on this subject also indicates that it is not illegal to share music, but rather my concern is to continuously distribute pirated copies. It’s more of an ethical issue, I guess.

Download link for Tomahawk.

Let us know what you think about copyright in the comment boxes below.

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