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What annoys you the most when your Windows computer starts for the first time and you want to get to work immediately? I find the Adobe Reader and Adobe AIR pop-ups asking me to update the software quite boring. I tried using my ZoneAlarm firewall to stop Adobe Reader updates. It seems that the trick worked – but only for a short time. Very quickly the Adobe Reader updates were back. And they appear almost every other day. Software updates are important because they often bring new features, add functionality or close security gaps and strengthen the software by fixing bugs. Even when you are working, you can always be informed of new updates available. It can be boring sometimes.

So how to stop automatic updates from Adobe – and others? I downloaded Update Freezer.

Update Freezer is a simple application that runs on Windows XP and later versions. The main purpose of the application is to prevent some applications from automatically starting updates. Although Update Freezer supports very few programs, it supports all major programs that tend to confuse computer users with automatic updates.

Programs supported by Update Freezer include :

  1. Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat
  2. Adobe Flash
  3. Firefox
  4. Google
  5. Java
  6. Skype and
  7. Windows

Note that Update Freezer has two different processes for Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash. This is because you want to keep Flash up to date while preventing Adobe Reader from showing you the update dialogs.

As far as the user interface is concerned, the application is moderate at best. But he does what he announces. Depending on the selected application, you can decide whether you want to update your software or disable it completely for future updates. You can disable each or all of them with a single click on the Disable All button or you can even restore the default settings of each or all software using the Restore All button. For some applications, you can choose how often you want to check for updates.

There are two options for each program listed in the update freezer: On and off. If you click Off, updates to these programs are blocked by Update Freezer. On the contrary, if you click Enabled, the program will update normally.

For programs that are not installed on your computer, Update Freezer N/A (Not Available) is displayed. In my case, I didn’t install Skype and Firefox. You can see in the picture above that next to Skype and Firefox, Update Freezer displays N/A.

For Windows Updates, you have options other than On and Off. The real options you can see in Update Freezer for Windows Updates are – Not set (use settings based on Windows Update Center); Disabled (disable Windows Update Center); Notify only (corresponds to notification before downloading); Download only (corresponds to download and then notification) and Automatic. It is recommended to leave this setting to Automatic, as disabling automatic Windows updates can make your computer vulnerable to problems.

The application is very light, but many of its competitors are simply too incredible to be ignored. An application that is strong, that is also free, is….. You can also try the free version of Glary Utilities. Glary Utilities is a system optimization suite that allows you to check and distribute updates for almost any application.

Download Update Freezer

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In short, Update Freezer is a simple and fun application that helps you manage program updates by enabling and disabling them. You can download Update Freezer from Remember that Update Freezer is free to download and use; it does not contain any type of adware. The next time you are asked how to stop automatic flash updates, you can refer them to Freezer Update.

Meanwhile, can you tell us which applications irritate you the most by launching automatic updates from time to time?

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