What is Hashgraph? What is the difference with Blockchain?

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Blockchain technology was developed in response to the collapse of several banking institutions in 2008, proposing a new monetary system to take control of the money supply, based exclusively on a peer-to-peer electronic cash register system specifically designed for the digital sector. This online currency system was considered a better currency system until some began to talk about hashgraph.

What should the hash graph

Hashgraph be a more robust system. Its consensus procedure provides a new platform for distributed consensus. Some of the attributes often used to obtain or describe a block chain are distributed, transparent, consensual, transactional and flexible. Hashgraph has all these properties. However, it is a data structure and consensus algorithm that is much faster, fairer and more secure than the block chain. This is the future of distributed general ledger technology. It uses two special techniques to reach a rapid, fair and secure consensus.

  1. Gossip on gossip
  2. Virtual vote

Gossip on gossip essentially means adding a small amount of additional information to this gossip, which are two hashes containing the last two interlocutors. Based on this information, a hash graph can be created and regularly updated as more information about each node is gossiped about.

Once the hash graph is ready, it is easy to know what a node would choose, because we know what information each node has and when it knew it. This data can therefore be used as input data for the reconciliation algorithm to quickly determine which transactions have reached consensus.

Hash versus block chain graph

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Block chain technology is an incorruptible digital ledger for economic transactions. However, it can be programmed to record not only financial transactions, but virtually anything of value. Information on a block chain exists as shared and is constantly synchronized/updated. This ensures that data/data records are identical throughout the network and are not stored in one place. Therefore, the block chain cannot be controlled by a single instance. Second, there is no single point of failure.

Hashgraph, on the other hand, claims to support a superior data structure capable of solving many of the problems with which the block chain community has been grappling for some time.

So far, consensual technologies have been divided into two categories:

  1. Public networks (including Bitcoin and Ethereum)
  2. Private (solutions based on consensus procedures based on leaders)

Public networks are costly to operate and have performance restrictions resulting from Proof of work (agreement on the order in which the transaction can take place. This ensures that the money supply is constant and that no one cheats. This limits the number of applications in which these technologies can be used in practice.

Unlike public networks, private networks limit use to known and reputable participants. This approach reduces costs and significantly improves performance, with algorithms that can reach 1000 transactions per second versus seven for Bitcoin. Gaps in the form of relaxed security standards make these networks potential targets for DDoS attacks.

Swirld’s hashgraph algorithm overcomes these defects because it requires neither proof of work nor a leader. In addition, it promises cost-effectiveness and good performance without a single point of failure.

It is this combination that makes the hash graph a tool worth trying.

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