Best YouTube extensions for Google Chrome to improve display

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We all tend to watch more videos on YouTube than we should. It is an ideal place for video and all those who love entertainment media as well as educational institutions and everything that should take a serious look at the platform. YouTube is the video search engine in almost every respect. When it comes to viewing our favourite content, we want to do it in the most practical way.

Usually we see YouTube through the web browser, but today we focus on Google Chrome like anything else. We want to talk about how some of Chrome’s enhancements can improve your YouTube experience, even a little.

YouTube extensions for Google Chrome

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1] Amplifiers for YouTube

This extension is designed to enhance your YouTube experience. You can use this extension to disable video preload and disable auto playback. In addition, videos can be played back automatically via an enhanced movie mode.

If you still prefer to watch your videos with an enlarged player, then Enhancer for YouTube. To make the necessary changes, simply click on the toolbar icon. The user interface is superb and everything is very easy to understand.

2] Musixmatch texts

Unlike Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome does not have the ability to provide lyrics when playing videos on YouTube. For this reason, an extension is needed, and Musixmath Lyrics is one of the best extensions for the job. When a YouTube video is playing, the text should be displayed below, even if sometimes the text is not correctly synchronized with the video.

On the other hand, there are not many possibilities here, so Musixmatch’s lyrics are the best.

3] Smart pause for YouTube

We like this extension because we sometimes get away from our computers while playing a video on YouTube. Sometimes we forget to pause the video, so this expansion is a good idea because it stops automatically after a while. When you return, simply press the play button and continue enjoying your video.

These extensions are just some of the best YouTube extensions available on the Google Chrome Store. Chances are if you can think it, you should be able to find it. We hope that the day Microsoft Edge will have strong support for extensions.

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