How To Create Your Own Website Design Using Gimp


It’s only been a few days since i started with gimp and i already feel pretty comfortable with it, so i decide to create a website tutorial using Gimp.

for first time users its advisable to check out for a quick overview of Gimp’s tools and interference none the less its pretty straight forward and easy.

Here is the out come of this tutorial

web site in gimp

Step 1

Create a new Image 780×1000


Fill the background with the colour #ededed using the fill bucket tool.

Step 3

Create a new layer and name it ‘Header’. read more

Colourful glowing text effect

Colourful glowing text effect


Been a while since I’ve created a text effect tutorial so I decided I’d do one. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a colourful text effect using the gradient blend and blur effects.

This is the final result of this tutorial

Gimp text effect tutorial

Step 1

Create a new image canvas, 600×450 is what i used. fill the background layer with solid black using the bucket fill tool.

Gimp text effect tutorial

Step 2

Create a new layer name it “Blue gradient” and then grab the gradient fill tool, now in the tool options select “Deep Blue” gradient and then apply it so that the light cyan blue is in he bottom right corner and the dark blue in the top left corner. see the images below for example. read more

Mac style Wallpaper

Saw this great Wallpaper tutorial on by Collis for PS and i really liked the outcome, i have re-created it with Gimp using different techniques to achieve the same effect.

even though this original wallpaper was inspired by macs wallpaper i added a touch of Ubuntu logo,lately Ubuntu has really caught my attention to the extent I’m considering buying a Dell laptop Inspiron Notebook 1420 N with pre-installed Ubuntu on it and best of all its only $749 :).

The Results:


This tutorial is intended for intermediate users but i encourage beginners to have a go at it,the quickest way to learn anything, is to just jump right into it :), it took me around 5 tries to get my final result, not because of the techniques, their they’re quite simple and easy,but getting everything smoothly blended with each other is what’s difficult, so don’t give up on your first try! now lets begin. read more

Volks Logo Tutorial

Volks Logo Tutorial

Today I’m going to teach you how to recreate the Volkswagen logo. Now generally, logos are made in a scalable vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape so that logos can be resized without any quality loss, but for the sake of this tutorial, I will show you in the Gimp. This tutorial is based off of a Photoshop tutorial by Dr Diablo at Let’s get started!

Step 1

Create a new rather large, transparent document in the Gimp. I made mine 1000×1000 at 300ppi. Change your foreground color to #82B2E0 and your background color to #012B62. Create a new layer. Select the ellipse select tool and, while holding shift, create a circle taking up the majority of your document. Fill it with out background color. read more

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Colourful glowing text effect

Submitted by Gimper on Sat, 07/05/2008 – 12:56.

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Been a while since I’ve created a text effect tutorial so I decided I’d do one.

Split-toning in GIMP

Submitted by Gimper on Fri, 06/13/2008 – 11:09.

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This tutorial is based on Rore’s Split-toning tutorial from gimp’s flicker group and also on one of podcasts . its a neat effect where you can have a cretin colour for highlights and another for shadows.

Button Tutorial

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