Fix Microsoft Message Analyzer Errors

The network troubleshooting tool most commonly used by IT professionals is provided by a first party. Yes, Microsoft Message Analyzer is often used to monitor and troubleshoot network errors. If you are part of this group, you must have sometimes encountered errors.

Message Analyzer allows you to display trace, log and other message data in a variety of data display formats, including a standard tree structure grid and other selectable graphical views that use grids, graphs and timeline visualization components that provide data summaries and other statistics. It also allows you to configure your own custom data viewer. In addition, Message Analyzer is not only an effective tool for troubleshooting network problems, but also for testing and verifying log implementation. read more

Repairing ProfSvc and User Profile Service Failed Error (Solved)

The ProfSvc (User Profile Service) is a Microsoft service that is responsible for loading and unloading the user profile. Sometimes, the ProfSvc can be disabled or blocked.

As a result, users will not be able to connect to their user profile, applications may have problems accessing user data and some components installed to receive notifications about profile events will not actually receive them. Some users have associated the problem with the installation of Windows 10.

The problem occurs when you enter your password and press Enter on the Windows login screen. In general, the error messages “The User Profile service failed on login” and “The User Profile cannot be loaded” are displayed and you return to the login screen. read more

How to Repair: Windows 10 Keeps Updating (FIXED)

A number of users report that Microsoft Update or Windows Update on Windows 10/8/7 always offers or installs the same update. This usually happens if an update is not installed correctly and your Windows operating system cannot detect the installed or partially installed update. In this scenario, he feels that your system needs the update and therefore reinstalls it over and over again.

If your computer cannot install updates, it may be because the downloaded updates are corrupted or corrupted because your network connection is bad. To check which updates cannot be installed on your computer, go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and select View Installed Update History. read more

How to Fix Printer Error – “Port in Use. Please Wait”

The printers that are most hostile when you need them most are frustrating. And a common printer error in Windows that is often associated with them is the port used, please be patient. Seeing this when you need quick impressions can put your patience to the test, even if things can be reversed fairly quickly and in just a few steps.

The printer status is online, but then randomly changes to “Port in use”. Please wait.”

Let’s start by resetting the device.

Reset the printer

  1. When the paper output tray is closed, open it.
  2. Turn off the printer.
  3. When the printer is completely off (no light, the screen is blank), disconnect the printer.
  4. Press the power switch 4 to 5 times.
  5. Leave the printer off for at least 5 minutes.
  6. Connect the printer and turn it on.
  7. Restart the computer when the job is finished.

Updating printer drivers


You can manually update printer drivers from the Device Manager and check if this is useful. read more

Fixing Twitch chat is not loading error

Many people use Twitch to watch their favorite games, but some of them have reported that the Twitch chat is not loaded. It’s not a big problem, but it can be boring, especially if you want a complete experience of contractions, so today we’ll show you how to solve it.

Twitch chat problems are generally not a big problem, but they can affect your viewing experience in Twitch.

Use the Incognito mode

A form of incognito mode is integrated in almost all modern web browsers, whether desktop or mobile. If your IT administrator has disabled incognito mode for your browsers, you will not be able to enable incognito mode (or find the option to enable it). read more

Fixing: DCOM Error 1084 on Windows 10

DCOM does not always work as expected, as there may still be some errors. One of them is error 1084, which interrupts the execution of programs on a computer remote from the network. The DCOM 1084 error in Windows 10 usually occurs when your PC freezes completely and has to shut down by force. For many users, the PC continues to load and hangs at first with the point circle. However, only a small number of them complain about having an error in the graphics of the screen.

Modify the DCOM access group

Uninstall the Graphics Card Drivers

  1. Press the “Windows Logo” + “X” keys on the keyboard.
  2. Click on “Device Manager” in this list.
  3. Locate the graphics card in the list of devices, right-click and select Uninstall. In the uninstall window, if you have an option: “Delete driver for this device”, you can select it and then delete the damaged drivers from your computer.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete it and restart your computer when prompted.
  5. Go to the computer or video card manufacturer’s website and search for the latest Windows 10 drivers available for the video card model, then install it according to the instructions on the website.

Check the Status of the DCOM Server Process Launcher

The DCOMLAUNCH service starts the COM and DCOM servers in response to object activation requests. If this service is stopped or disabled, programs with COM or DCOM will not work properly. It is strongly recommended to use the DCOMLAUNCH service. read more

Fixing CtHelper.exe High CPU Issues

The cthelper.exe process is a background task used by Creative Drivers to transfer surround sound to your computer. Cthelper.exe is not necessary for Windows and will often cause problems. Cthelper.exe is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder or sometimes in a sub-folder of C:\Windows.

The most common problem associated with this process in the background is its excessive use of the CPU, which sometimes exploits up to 100% of CPU usage, causing your system to freeze. You can avoid this by starting the process automatically when you start your system. read more

Repair: Automatic Repair ‘Your PC did not start correctly’ Error

It can be very annoying to encounter the error Automatic Repair “Your PC did not start correctly” when starting your PC. It prevents you from starting your PC and accessing its data. To avoid data loss, you must repair it as soon as possible.

Use the Safe Mode

Safe mode is a Windows troubleshooting option that starts your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers required to run Windows are launched. The words Safe Mode appear in the corners of your screen to indicate the Windows mode you are using. read more

Skype can’t access your sound card (FIXED)

For all sound-related processes to work on your computer, all programs and services must be able to communicate with your sound card. The same is true for Skype, an instant messaging and calling application that relies heavily on the use of in-car sound because it must be used to record and play back incoming sounds.

Problems with the playback device can be annoying, especially since you cannot hear the other person during a call, but you can solve these problems by following one of our solutions. read more

How to Fix: Unable to Save A Word Document

This can be frustrating when you use a computer program and cannot save a Word document that you create or modify. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why you may not be able to save a file.

One of them is that the file is marked as Read-only. Each file on your computer can have specific file attributes. One of these special attributes is Read-only. If a file has the read-only attribute, the operating system tries to prevent you from editing the file. Secondly, there is not enough disk space. Another is insufficient permission. read more