How to Delete or Rename File in Use by Another Program

Windows File Explorer claims that the file you are trying to delete is open in another program or system? If you cannot open, edit or delete a file, it is because it is still running in the background or has not been closed correctly.

Fortunately, you can force a file that you use to close, rename, move or delete.

To delete or rename a used file: Close Windows Explorer

If you have closed all your applications and still cannot delete a file, it is probably because Windows Explorer is accessing the file, perhaps to display a thumbnail.

You can move all the other files in the folder to a temporary folder, then delete the folder that contains the real estate file, but if this still doesn’t work, try closing Windows Explorer. To do this, launch the Task Manager (right-click on the task bar and choose Task Manager). read more

How To: Disable Remote Assistance in Windows 10

With Windows Remote Assistance, someone you trust can take control of your PC and solve a problem from anywhere. This function is enabled by default. If you are not satisfied with the default options, here are some methods you can use to disable them.

Windows 10 provides some tools to perform remote support on the network or the Internet. With these integrated applications, you can remotely connect to someone else’s computer to view their screen, solve various problems or change the settings of the operating system and installed applications. The tools offer a similar experience to Remote Desktop, but are included in all editions of Windows 10. read more

How To: Lock Windows 10 PC Remotely

It is possible to control your computer remotely and ensure that no one can use your computer while you are away. Or maybe if you’ve lost your laptop or stolen it by logging in, you can use this manual to use your Microsoft account to find and lock it remotely.

Windows 10 has a small feature that allows you not only to track your device, but also to lock it remotely.

Enable the Search for my device feature in Windows 10.

Before you can find your Windows 10 device, you must log in to your system using a Microsoft account, then enable the Search my device feature. This is the function that allows you to lock your device. read more

How To: Record a PowerShell Session with Transcript on Windows 10

You probably have a lot of scripts and PowerShell modules that you use every day. These scripts perform a number of different actions. Remember the syntax used by a script to call this command, or, if you are unlucky, find out exactly what a script executed to stop this production server is almost impossible.

You could implement a kind of logging framework that writes various commands to a text file, but it would be easier to record all these commands. PowerShell transcripts allow this recording. read more

Fix: Nearby Sharing Not Working in Windows 10

Nearby Sharing under Windows 10 is a feature available in version 1803 (updated April 2018) that allows you to transfer files and links quickly and wirelessly via Bluetooth and a network connection.

The functionality is very simple. To send a file or link to another device, simply go to the Share experience (right-click on the file or Microsoft Edge’s Share button) and select the device to which you want to send the content. The receiving device will then receive a notification of acceptance or refusal of the transfer. If the user accepts the transfer, the file is downloaded to the Downloads folder or the link opens with Microsoft Edge. The only reservation regarding nearby sharing is that it will not always work as expected due to software and hardware compatibility, connection quality limitations, and more. read more

Google Chrome Freezes, Stuck at 100% Downloading

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers on the market. Nowadays, most people use it to surf the Internet with different types of operating systems, including computers and mobile phones. However, as with any application, Google Chrome users have different problems. For example, if the download is 100% blocked, it can be very annoying. Follow the solutions below to solve the problem of freezing and stopping the download of Chrome.

Disable the built-in automatic chromium antivirus scanning for downloaded files.

If you download something in chrome, the file will automatically be scanned by an antivirus program. If it detects it as dangerous, it places a warning and a delete button in the download bar below. And it also seems to be difficult and arbitrary. It is not clear how it determines exactly what “insecurity” is. I saw him let a file pass from a web page while harassing another very similar file on the same page. The only explanation is that Chrome actually contains a complete integrated antivirus. If this is the case, then it has definitely become a bloatware (which would also explain its massive growth since the first version). read more

Hoe to Repair Openal32.dll Not Found or Missing Error

OpenAL (Open Audio Library) is a cross-platform programming interface (API) for audio applications. It has been developed for the efficient playback of three-dimensional three-dimensional multi-channel positional audio. It is included in many games as one of their basic components and helps them to run smoothly, which improves usability.

The error “The program cannot be run because openai32.dll is missing on your computer” means that the package file does not exist on your computer and that the application you are running cannot run without it. This problem usually occurs when you play games on Steam (or other platforms) or when you install an application for the first time. read more

How to Disable and Fully Turn Off Windows Store on Windows 10

Although Microsoft Windows Store is enabled on Windows 10/8.1/8, you can manually disable it if necessary. If you do not use Windows Store as often or if you do not want other unwanted people on your PC to connect to Windows Store to download applications, you can also disable Windows Store in Windows 10.

This is a quick guide to disable and restrict the use of the Windows Store environment for Windows 10 with the professional version. The best suites for workstations in a domain environment, where the policy applies to all profiles. This prevents the user from accessing the unnecessary application that is not necessary for his work. And, of course, some users (especially new users in the Windows 10 environment) may be tempted to click on the “BASKET” icon just to see what the inside is like. read more

What Are Vulkan RunTime Libraries

This is the question many people ask themselves when they meet Vulkan RT in their programs.

At first glance, it looks almost like a virus.

But don’t worry about it. It’s not dangerous.

Vulkan RunTime Libraries, also known as Vulkan Runtime Libraries or VulkanRT, is installed by graphics card manufacturers such as NVIDIA, Intel or AMD when your video driver is last updated. It is not malware or viruses, but a 3D graphics and computer API from the Khronos group.

The objective is to reduce overhead costs, control the GPU more directly and reduce CPU usage. You can compare it to Direct3D and Mantle if it helps you understand. Some mentioned that it may be necessary in new games (e. g. Steam) or graphic applications. read more

How to Repair: DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET: Nowadays we only like to use PCs to surf the Internet, but when the Internet displays a DNS error to load a single small web page, we are so angry and while we have a fast and expensive Internet connection, the DNS error is always visible while surfing. You may have done this DNS search several times in your Google Chrome browser. So here are the final solutions to this problem, which will solve this error in no time.

In this guide, I’ll give you five useful methods you can use to fix the DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error in Google Chrome, such as cleaning the browser, changing the default DNS server, or checking the firewall to make sure it doesn’t accidentally block your browser. read more