Chameleon Boot Manager: Disable, delete, manage, add boot items

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It often happens that you install a new software or application and forget to save certain parameters, which seriously affects the speed and memory consumption of your system. Above all, this use increases several times over a longer period of time. There are so many unnecessary applications that work at boot time, but with Chameleon Startup Manager you can control them and improve the performance of your operating system.

Chameleon Startup Manager

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Chameleon Startup Manager Lite helps you speed up Windows startup by helping you manage and disable starters as needed. It gives you full control over the selection of programs to run automatically at startup, not by adjusting settings. Chameleon Startup Manager also offers advanced configuration settings where you can change item settings and also add startup settings according to your needs, as shown on the screen below :

However, this does not stop there; there is also a detailed description of each application. This can help you decide whether you want to keep, disable or delete the boot status. There were so many times that I disabled an application without knowing what it was doing. For me, this description and the configuration options proved to be very useful and practical.

Characteristics of Chameleon Startup Manager Lite

  • With this boot manager, you can also simply disable boot items without having to delete them completely.
  • You can view and access the complete list of applications running, as well as detailed information on each program/application.
  • You can also save and open your desired configuration
  • Chameleon offers full Unicode support and subject support
  • If you select a starting point from the list, you can even open its folder.
  • Many system abbreviations can be called via this program, such as control panel, service tool, programs and functions, etc.
  • Easily add boot items using drag and drop in Windows Explorer
  • You can also open the boot folder, access the system registry boot section from this application, and you need the regedit.exe or Win.Ini file.

Chameleon Startup Manager Lite offers full support for all versions of Windows and recently also supports Windows 8.1. Download this very useful application here

There are also some good freeware like WinPatrol, CCleaner, MSConfig Cleanup Tool, Startup Guard, etc. that can help you manage your boot programs easily and thus start Windows faster.

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