How to know or check where the link or URL is redirected to

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A website can lose not only visitors, but also search engine rankings if the search engine is not able to track URLs to that website. It is therefore essential to install the branches correctly. These tools can help you determine if links or URLs redirect to a location as you wish.

A large number of short URL generators are used to shorten the long address of websites just to save the effort of entering long URLs. However, there is an inherent danger, and that is exactly where these connections lead. On the other hand, you can sometimes even check and confirm whether a normal-looking URL actually leads to the desired destination or not. Unreliable can prompt people to redirect to malicious websites, all configured to install malware on your computer.

Check where URL is redirected

Redirect detective

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On this site, you can follow a URL redirection. There are two main types of redirections:

    1. Redirections

specified in HTTP headers

  1. is able to detect HTTP redirections. If a redirect points to another page, which in turn points to the origin of the page, an endless redirect loop is created. Redirect Detective can process a maximum of 10 redirections before hanging up.

Through this website, you can find out if the entire path of redirects and meta refreshes leads to the desired destination. You can also perform a thorough examination, diagnose complex link problems and correct links.

Web Conferences

This tool helps you determine if the transfer you have created is search engine friendly or not. Simply copy the URL you want to check and click the Send button.

Redirection control

This website is quite simple. An empty field is displayed in which a user can enter and track a URL address. The headers of each call forwarding are visible under the address entered.

Use these tools if you want to check where a shortened URL goes or if you need to confirm a regular but suspicious link destination.

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